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  1. The shuttle bay doors slid open and Vi Greaves stepped out, squinting against the bright lights. She hiked her bag higher onto her shoulder and followed the line of eager recruits down the hall and towards check in. As she passed a series of large windows, her path diverted. She'd only ever looked up at space with her feet planted firmly on her planet. Of course she was no stranger to simulations, but there was something quite different about actually peering out into the great expanse of it all. She swooned for a moment, placing a hand on the wall for support. “You alright there, Greaves?” Another cadet asked her. She knew him by his last name, Greene. They'd only met a handful of times. Vi nodded. “Fine fine. Just a bit overwhelmed I think.” She smiled and smoothed her dark hair back. For the purposes of appearing professional, she kept the mess of black tangles in a bun. “We've only been here a couple minutes and I already miss my apartment and my cat...” Cadet Greene laughed. “Come on,” he told her. “We don't have time to dawdle.” Vi pushed herself back from the wall and fell back into step with the other new arrivals. At only 5'5'', she had a rough time seeing over the sea of heads. When it came to be her turn, she presented her identification to the officer. “Viktoria Greaves. Race, human. Sex, female. Eye color, green. Hair color, black. Weight, 103 lbs. Division, unassigned sciences.” the officer droned on, obviously bored. “Everything looks good. Two hours to report to holodeck. Next!” Vi was nearly pushed forward as she tried to jam her papers back into her pocket. She moved out of the way while she contemplated what to do with her two free hours. She considered trying to find her quarters but she didn't trust herself not to get lost almost as much as she didn't trust her ability to use the StarBase computer pads to get unlost. “Let's get our uniforms,” Greene suggested as he approached her, tucking his registration information back into his bag. “I haven't been assigned to a specific sciences department yet,” Vi shrugged. She had a strong background in biology, chemistry and anatomy but she hadn't yet been told where she'd be assigned. “They'll give you a generic set for now,” Greene explained. “Alright but after that I really need a drink,” Vi laughed and set off to follow him. “Sure. If you really think it's a good idea to throw up on the holodeck. Half the Academy knows about your weak stomach, Vi.” he warned with a smile. She groaned. It was only one time during simulated dematerialization which she doubted she'd ever get used to. “Shut up, Greene,” she socked him playfully in the shoulder and shook her head.
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