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    Writing, simming, Audio Dramas: Star Trek Grissom Audio, Star Trek Ranger, Star Trek Valkyrie and Novo Babylonia. Star Trek Fan Films: Project Potemkin, Star Trek Reliant. Cosplay, Costuming for charity. http://www.trekspace.org/profile/RendaCarr
    I have been writing for RPGs since we called them Round Robins and mailed them around via the Postal Service. I really enjoy a good solid Character who has the experience and qualifications to handle her MOS, without having to constantly bother the other Officers in the department.

    I like a my characters to be able to meet a challenge and help resolve problems be it Patient Care, or a Waitress , Hostess, Club owner, I do not like to play 'Greenhorns' played a many of a green horn in my day.

    I do love diverse roles, nothing like a great Reporter in a Metropolis, or a Bar Owner who is a Shape Shifter.

    Real Life can have a lot of stresses! I RPG to have fun.
  1. Scored 100 percent on ASVAB Battery Tests!

  2. Adding pertinent information to Character Biography.

  3. >Ma etek natyan — teretuhr lau etek shetau weh-lo'uk do tum t'on<. We have differences. May we, together, become greater than the sum of both of us.

  4. Court Martial Captain Raj Blueheart? Absolute Elephant Dung, and the Romulans know that. "SMEH"

  5. Waiting for Spring to arrive, finds cold weather disagreeable. ;)

  6. Footbal, and taking down decorations!

  7. I am Vulcan/Human. More Vulcan than Terran Welcome Renda. I guess you will adore your stay on Atlantis. I´m a former crewmember but still very active in the group. Cya. Yes, everything is Status Quo! It is an honor to serve.
  8. It is only logical Here is myself and my Admiral Husband along with some other Trek friends at the Premiere of Star Trek Into Darkness, McWane Science Center IMAX .
  9. I am Renda Carr, I live in Birmingham, AL I protray Ensign T'Brei on the Atlantis.
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