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  1. My character Cory joined to leave the area where he was born. He did not do very well in school so he enlisted in Starfleet. A freak accident gave him a chance to go to the Academy and become and officer.
  2. I have been enjoying the Bridge Crew VR game.
  3. Here is my attempt at the Red Carpet thing. Introducing Cory and Petra
  4. Cory recreated the Battle of Sharpsburg and participated as a Brigade Commander. Being a historian, this was something that he wanted to see up close.
  5. Yes unfortunately you need VR equipment to play.
  6. My PNPC wife is a Chief Warrant Officer 3. I have another PNPC that is a Command Master Chief. My main character started as an enlisted Crewman.
  7. Hello everyone, I wanted to let everyone know that the Bridge VR game is outstanding. I just completed the tutorial and had a blast. It looks beautiful. The consoles are easy to manipulate and understand. Each of the 4 stations are distinct, but all are needed to complete the missions. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask. Mike / Cory Stoyer
  8. Hey, I am on the Gorkon, but if you need help I am available. Thanks, Mike / Cory Stoyer Chief Engineer U.S.S. Gorkon
  9. As someone with little knowledge of Stars Trek. Learning from the crew has been fun.
  10. I play often, but I have not found our fleet.
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