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  1. So many Seattle people! Welcome Nick! Feel free to send me a massage if theres anything I can do to help you get acclimated!
  2. Welcome! I've only been here a bit over a week and I can tell you it's a great place. Stop by the chat room sometime, roam these forums and the wiki... And just ask questions. Everyone I've encountered here has been wonderful.
  3. Got it. Totally clears everything up! Also my CO just posted a great example of moving things forward. A huge weight off, guys! Thanks so much! Sorry if I seem over-eager or post too much lol... I'm just really diggin it here!
  4. Yep she's great at that as well! Already on me about picking out a template for my bio... I haven't even finished the Academy! She rocks!
  5. Awesome! Thanks, guys! Just got a little feedback from my CO expressing the same sentiments. I just wanted to make sure that everyone was having fun and I wasn't "railroading" anything. "Bots" was maybe an unfortunate choice of words... I only meant maybe those "Mock Cadets" could be clearly identified so that trainees could have a little more leeway in guiding what they were doing i.e: using them more as NPCS to further the plot (hope that answers your question too, Akeelah). Again thank you!
  6. A quick thought... And this is coming from someone currently in training (Day 5). Is it possible that there may be too many "Mock cadets?" in some cases? I'm currently struggling a bit with "moving the story forward" as per some feedback I just received. Believe me, I have no shortage of ideas about things to write... But keeping the chars all straight can be a bit daunting. There are currently nine cadets in my class, some of whom write with some regularity certainly... But others I haven't heard from since the roll call. I know that some are starting up secondary or tertiary chars, but maybe it would be helpful to know which crew members were "bots" (so to speak) so that new Cadets (I'm one of only two in this group, I think) could use them a bit more freely in terms of moving the dramatic tension forward? Or possibly have the trainers set some sort of timeline as far as posting regularity? I'm really trying hard not to step on anyone's toes when writing, as I'm brand new to this. But I do feel that I've asked some leading questions to other crew members that - had they run with it - could have moved the story forward. Maybe it's just growing pains... I could be dead wrong Thanks for the time!
  7. ::Leland Bishop stepped off of the turbolift and into Starbase 118, his home for the next four years. Before joining the throng of people rushing past, he took a moment to adjust his collar and check the seam of his slacks. Pride was not normally a luxury he afforded himself, but he had to admit that a Starfleet uniform suited him well; his tall, angular frame was better equipped for the clean lines of a Cadet's uniform than it ever had been for the series of baggy hand-me-downs he had worn most of his life. :: ::Indeed today was a day for a great many emotions that Leland was uncomfortable with. Nervousness for one. Observing the other cadets rushing past, he had a sudden and uncharachteristic flash of inadequacy. Obviously he had excelled in school prior to this point... But so had every other eager young person on this base. He was struck by just how big a fish he had been... And in what a small pond.:: ::Starbase 118 was everything Brooklyn was not. It was (above all other things to his mind) astonishingly clean. This was of course to be expected, but he had no idea the scope of such a fastidious dedication to sterility. It was a wonder that such facilities even bothered with a sick bay... From the looks of it, major surgery could happily be performed right here in the main thouroughfare. Though Leland had fought against the clutter, dirt, and various pungent smells of New York his entire young life, it had been a losing battle. The city always won in the long term. The vast press of humanity could never be avoided for long.:: ::Starfleet by contrast, seemed to strive mightily to put on a good front for the human race. Every shining corridor seemed to scream out: “See this, civilized species of the world? We're just like you! Never mind all those times we nearly obliterated ourselves in global conflict! Never mind our history of intolerance and violence! We're all better now... AND WE'RE READY TO LEAD YOU.” It would be more amusing if it hadn't been so frighteningly effective. A con job that Leland was even now going into training to perpetuate.:: ::This was alright with Leland, of course. He'd dreamed of joining the Diplomatic Corps for as long as he could remember. To be able to shape policy on a galactic scale, to finally have some control... The very structure and control that had been absent in his life since the age of five. When his whole world was taken apart. Starfleet was “a lie agreed upon” writ large across the stars. But Leland knew from experience that lies provided comfort. And if you just believed hard enough, sometimes those lies became the truth and propped you up. The lies the United Federation of Planets told itself and others weren't all that different than the lies a five year old boy told himself. They provided comfort. They provided a shield.::
  8. Please do! I couldn't have been welcomed any better!
  9. I popped onto the IRC Chat tonight and found Skyfire. I just want to take a moment to say that I have never seen anyone so welcoming. I sent over wy writing sample for some feedback and got great notes and we spent the rest of the evening RPing some backstory for my brand new char! Truly awesome and Skyfire should get some recognition for being a great ambassador to your site!
  10. It's been received and replied to! Awesome! Thanks so much!
  11. A quick question and I certainly don't mean to sound impatient or anything. If I submit on a Monday, would I be likely to begin training that day or more likely the next Monday if approved?
  12. Hello all! I'm just waiting for someone to read my writing submission and accept me My name is Mike and I'm an actor and writer from Southern California. I look forward to telling some great stories with you all!
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