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  1. The young human woman, Kalyn Grippen, looking wide-eyed at the Starbase 118 disembarking station, was just off the transport and had never been on a starbase before. "It's quite something, isn't it?", one of her travel companions said, looking amused at Kalyn's staring. "It's so beautiful!" she cried. "I've not seen anything like it before!" Short, compact, lithe, and bespectacled, Kalyn took it all in: the sights, the smells, the sounds -- all of it quite marvelous for a girl from the Lake Armstrong area on Luna. Feeling a bit hungry, Kalyn went in search of a commissary. The crowd seemed to surge with her as she wandered into the commercial section of the starbase. She found a small café and settled down for a coffee and a chicken salad sandwich she requested from the replicator. Kalyn closed her eyes, taking in all the sounds and smells around her, and sighed contentedly. She wasn't so eager to jump right in to her cruise and wanted some more time to get to know the starbase better, but imagined she would have some time. Suddenly, she was started to hear someone shout "CADET!" nearby and her eyes flew open. "SIR!", she cried as she saw an officer staring down at her. "Cadet, you look as though you are off in dream-land! This is no way to start your tour." said the officer. "No, sir!", Kalyn responded, standing up at attention. "Keep your eyes open, cadet. There are things all around you that you need to understand." "Yes, sir." replied Kalyn. "Back to your meal, cadet, then hustle down to the holodeck for your briefing." Kalyn sat back down after the officer left and finished the sandwich quickly. Wiping off all the crumbs and disposing of the remainder in the replicator bin, she picked up her kit and trotted off to the holodeck.
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