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  1. (( Deck 6 - Crew Lounge - USS Darwin A)) ::After spending a lovely meal with Ashworth (who had been summoned back to his quarters by his girlfriend and made his leave), Avaris had stood ready to go to his quarters and rest, but found himself less steady on his feet than he would have liked to be. The Romulan bartender smiled at him :: Rhean: You need something to perk up? I have fresh raktachino brewed. Torrin: Yes! That sounds, perfect. ::She was pouring his a large mug of the potent stuff, when the doors whooshed open and Artem arrived back, his meeting over. :: Rhean: Welcome back mister Dr
  2. LOL at the forum censoring the word for tilting your head inquisitively.
  3. Really good work here from everyone ! I had a lot of fun reading all of your work. Good luck, and may the odds be ever in your favor
  4. ((Bay Front Park - Vrans, Trillus Prime )) Aelya: Nearly a month ago, we all suffered a devastating loss. He was a devoted brother, a beloved friend, a loving partner... ::The middle aged Trill woman waved a strand of dark red hair out of her face, and tucked it behind her left ear, leaving a small smudge in her running makeup. Her voice started to falter, and she continued, in almost a whisper :: Aelya: ... and my beautiful boy, my oldest son. ::Avaris was seated on the grass, amethyst waves lapping against the rocky beach, the sound of seabirds occasionally punctuating the calming rhythm.
  5. Avaris Torrin sat at the bar, finally enjoying a moment of peace. His husband, Cadet Artem Dragumov would by now be beginning his final exam, well on his way to achieving his lifelong dream of becoming a Starfleet officer. Avaris did not really know what his dreams were anymore, but having just had the awkward experience of explaining his marriage to the Ferengi waiter (who had, upon recovering from the shock of the idea that two men might be in any sort of relationship together aside from business, had actually, and with no apparent sense of embarrassment, asked which of them 'wore the clothe
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