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  1. Olivia stepped off the shuttle, and began the journey toward the final hurdle between her, and the rest of her life. She was aware that she was the smallest of fish, in the largest conceivable pool, but nonetheless allowed herself a small smile, the hard part, or so most said, was over. Olivia didn’t take that to mean that what lay in the cadet cruise would be easy, far from it. The fear of failure still haunted her, the thought of having to return home, tail between her legs had driven her night and day for the last four years. Her family, though loving, had never understood her drive. Her tall frame strode at a casual pace around the promenade, she was in no particular hurry. She pinned back a lock of her long black hair behind her left ear, where it stayed briefly, before escaping again, and covering the side of her face, this saga would repeat itself for a while before she’d sigh and tie her hair up in the band that she always carried, but hated wearing. The shops grew to disinterest her, she was in no mood for purchases this time, Olivia had far too much on her mind; she hated feeling this edgy. A few moments ago she’d found a quiet viewing area, that allowed a small vista of the comings and goings of the base. Slowly, a feeling of coming home passed over her. She’d always felt that she didn’t quite fit in back home; that, she supposed, had been the base reason for her rebellious teen years, her parents had despaired, wondering why their daughter had turned out the exact opposite of her 3 older brothers, all of whom were real homebodies. This is where I belong. Her mind allowed a stray thought, a transitory moment of relaxation in an otherwise sea of emotion. She was aware however, that there was still time to lose everything. Olivia wished that she would stop reminding herself of that fact. She finally stood up, and took in one final look at the small view that she had, wondering what she would see if….no, when she passed. Then, only then, did she turn and walk toward the Cadet Briefing Area. A lot more purpose in her step this time.
  2. Hi there, My name is Mark, I've just had the application to the academy approved. i play, or rather more correctly, following graduation, will play Olivia Kingston, a Scientist. I've been playing Star Trek pbem games for nearly 15 years now, although I've been out of the game for nearly 2 years following the birth of my daughter.
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