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  1. Lt. Marshall & Lt. JG Josett - Road Trip (Part VIII) ((Bridge, USS Azetbur)) Yawning into midair, Chris wandered through the open door onto the bridge, his hand stuck in the back of his growing hair already sticking up at all angles like some confused starfish, and a countenance like someone who rolled out of bed only mere moments before. Sitting there, feet up on the bridge console, nursing a steaming cup was who he expected, but judging by the look on the blond's face, Chris was not. O. Marshall: You're not Lena. Johns: Not today. Diverting himself to the r
  2. Lt. Sienelis & Lt. Marshall - Road Trip (Part I) ((Bridge, USS Azetbur)) Sat in the pilot's chair on the bridge, Bear had angled the ergonomically designed seat back as far as it would go, enough to kick his crossed boots up onto the console. A cup of coffee in his hand held to his chest, his mind was elsewhere as he stared out of the viewscreen, watching the space tunnel created by warp as the yacht sped ever forward through the dark. Memories of the last time he'd done this played on his mind, drumming a beat on his heart like a timpani. Only Lena had been within reach, r
  3. (( Bunker under Predator Paddocks, Asteroid Trueno, Bratax System )) Quinn Reynolds had crept up on them -- or perhaps he just wasn't listening -- with a grace that should not have been surprising. She rounded the corner with one hand wrapped around her chest, shoulders hunched. Splattered in mud from head to foot, soaked with rain, sweat, injured and bleeding, having been in an overturned car and then chased down by a dinosaur, yet seemingly escaped mostly unharmed. Emphasis on the mostly. Reynolds was probably in the worst shape that any of the three Tans had ever seen her in. He
  4. OOC: Part 1 was just Genkos leaving the away team he was on. Part 2 here is where it hit me in the feels. We'll miss you on the Gorkon, @Genkos Adea, but I know you'll have a great time on the Resolution! ---------- ((TIMESKIP - a few days later)) ((Main Shuttlebay, USS Gorkon)) Genkos stood in the Executive Transport Shuttle that they had sent him from Starbase 118 to bring him to his new commission. He looked at the reflective surface of the inactive station, the black mirror reflecting his face back at him. He touched at his forelock, the reason for his transfer. After b
  5. Ayiana looking stunning as ever in a black strapless number!
  6. (( Part 1)) ((Outpost, Omicron Noctae IIIa)) With a dull thud from the internal mechanism, the doors parted. The thick layers of dust that swamped the room they were stood in stopped at that threshold, though powdered footprints faded across the next room as the unknown visitors tracked it through. Quinn swung her rifle back up, heart rate climbing in concert. Whoever it was, they had moved further into the building; minutes ago, an hour ago, it was impossible to tell. But the door beyond was unremarkable, not of the heavy security design that they had just dealt with. She look
  7. Yep. Emma's not too thrilled with the culture, but I couldn't pass up the opportunity.
  8. ((Captain’s Yeoman’s Office, Deck 2, USS Triumphant)) ::Petra Bjarnadottir-Stoyer had suffered through a rough couple of days. When she’d left their shared quarters after tell Cory she was leaving, it took everything not to turn around and go back, but she knew that she couldn’t. It broke her heart. ::With everything that was going on, Cory avoiding her and Ayiana not coming to her to tell her, she couldn't stay. Captain Brunsig had been wanting her for the Triumphant for a while now, so she took him up on the offer. ::A little separation would be good for everyone involved.
  9. This could be one reason. Another is automation. Remember, the Prometheus was designed to be crewed with a minimum of 4 people, with the rest of the ship completely automated. It's possible a lot of space between walls and decks are set aside for extra machinery to accomplish this goal - extra cores, processors, ODN networks, etc. Also, join the Advanced Systems Design Board!
  10. In at least one possible future visited by Archer and Daniels, it is implied (but not confirmed) that the Klingons are Federation members by the 26th century. So it's not out of the realm of possibility.
  11. I will ping @FltAdml. Wolf to look into this.
  12. So much fun. And no pesky Starfleet ethics to hold back my fist.
  13. Yea. Everyone above has pretty much explained it quite succinctly. TAG/TBC is mostly a holdover from older days. I've been here almost five years and rarely used them. I think TAG at the bottom of a post was to indicate people were tagged for responses, but it's deprecated on some ships (it's up to the CO of a ship to dictate its usage). TBC is still sometimes used to indicate a continuation of a special narrative, such as a multi-sim post, or Joint Post. Subject-line TAGging is in a similar boat. On the ships I've served on, we've been actively discouraged from TAGging people in the
  14. (( Sickbay, Skarbek )) ::Despite the conversations in the room, somehow it was still quiet. Jo watched as Erin lay in between Quinn and 'Kos, hands held across all three, creating a physical scaffolding to support the mental connection. She tilted her head as Erin closed her eyes. The affirmations from the Doctors of placative assurance, that everything would be OK, hadn't settled her mind any. She wanted to believe them, but life was rarely fair, and friends often died.:: Yiggtissi: OK, let’s begin. Needles, activate the monitors. ::The connected display units i
  15. Congratulations to all the winners, and for another great award season! I'm already looking forward to next year!
  16. It looks like the first to arrive is the Gorkon's First Officer, Lt. Commander Ayiana Sevo. She is dressed in a scandalous blue mini-dress from the famed Trill fashion designer Zindara Rajel (( A former host of @Jalana )). I'm quite sure that dress violates at least a dozen Starfleet Dress Codes! And if I'm not mistaken, I believe that is her sister, Aleesia Yorval intruding in the photo!
  17. Welcome to the Red Green Carpet on the road to the upcoming Fleet Awards of 2018! As you arrive, please make sure to stand in the designated spots and pop a few poses for the cameras! (( Let's see what everyone is wearing! ))
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