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  1. Hello all, My name is Chip, I'm 35, live in North Carolina. I have four kids so Rp is my way of unwinding lol. I have done RPGs (real rpgs not video game) for 25 years now. I also do graphic work, 3d modeling, 3d animation. When im not chasing kids, or working, You can catch me usually in Final Fantasy 11, Final Fantasy 14, or second life. I love to learn new things, and to improve on things I THINK I already know lol... I look forward to seeing you all out there.
  2. He turned, stepping into the corridor leading to the commercial district, Jaden reached up running his long fingers through his sandy brown hair as his cool ice blue eyes drifted over those coming and going , his eyes locked on an approaching female, a smile tugging at the corner of his lips as she moved past him, as she did so he turned to watch her, walking backwards a few steps, his grin widening as he did so. He turned back around just in time to find his movements stopped save for him stumbling a couple of steps. He looked up a few choice words coming to mind concerning his carelessness,
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