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  1. As the great Geoffrey Chaucer said in that movie..."Good people! I missed my introduction!" I'm a lazy bum, so I'll just copy over my academy introduction, if you don't mind, of course. My name is Rafaela, I'm 23, and I'm a pediatrics nurse in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. My favorite color is green (). I'm a certified scuba diver and I love reading and, of course, writing. My favorite genre is post-apocalyptic fiction (z00mbies!), so much so that I actually bought a kindle just to get easier access to the GIANT amazon catalog. I also love jazz and blues, and you'll probably see some references to this in my posts I've been a trekkie for give or take 10 years (gosh, I'm getting old!) and I'm just rewatching Voyager for, like the 4th time! Hope to have lots of fun with you guys! Hugs!
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