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    T’Lea:  That is a healthy attitude.  I do not know if you are aware but there are a few species in the galaxy that possess the ability to read minds, and emotions.  We call them telepaths and empaths.  Your acknowledgement of the past is admirable. Your acceptance of my kind, and willingness to work together for a common goal shows great strides in overcoming the past. 

    I was wondering who would be the first to put that target on their back.


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  2. x


    :: She was slightly surprised by the question, though after a moment she realized she shouldn’t be.  Her first thought had been, “Who ya gonna call? Starfleet busters!”  Proof that at least within the bounds of her own thoughts, she was her abnormal self.  But others would have provided assistance if asked.  Heck, the Ferengi would probably have offered “rock bottom prices” to do so.  ::

    Seriously? Starfleet Busters? *facepalm*

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  3. The whole post had me giggling, but this one just made fall out of my chair.



     "I know you can't perform miracles, but do this anyway".  The more she spoke to him, the more certain she was that she was going to end up in the brig.  A guy just couldn't give her this many straight lines and not expect her to say something.  It was a crime against comedy really.


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  4. Playing catchup on posts.

    ::Not that he could really talk, since he’d woken up on the floor of her apartment with the feeling that an incontinent tribble had spent the night in his mouth, and a Klingon was using his head as a training dummy. Good times.::

    Gabi's parties have reach rock star status. Thank you, Ray.

  5. Saveron: In private you may do as you will. I have no objection. ::Far from it.::

    DeVeau: But not in front of Saavok.

    Saveron: Preferably not. We do not keep our children ignorant but neither do they require a practical demonstration. ::He said dryly.::

    I laughed so hard I fell out of my chair.

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  6. I think the term that bothers me is "Shake Things Up".

    That means different things to different people. And the track record is never good when it comes to my personal enjoyment.

    If they go for the dark and gritty realism they will lose me. I want to escape my reality periodically, not keep picking at the scab.

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