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  1. Thanks for that. Had to hover all over the thing until the bottom right corner. Hopefully I'll remember for next time.
  2. Snark can be fatal.

  3. May the best of the old year be the worst of the new year.

  4. Kat was the first person I chatted with when I joined the ship. She is incredibly patient and kind and always willing to help me when I get stuck. Kat, see? I told you that you were a rock star.
  5. Hello and welcome! I promise you'll love it here. Frankly there are a LOT of trill in the fleet. I think they are planning to take over.
  6. I don't think I've introduced myself, even through I just survived the Academy. Did you know someone had a pet tribble in the dorms. It ate everything. Including my cat. Anyways... My 'real' name is Mandy Ackley. I've been a star trek fan for ::squirms:: Decades through all iterations. I've played ERPG/PBEM/Sims for a very long time. I've been a member of a number of fleets. Ran a couple fleets and academies and then got burned out for while. I found some old logs from those games and realized I missed it so I google star trek play by email games and found myself here. So here I am again, exploring a different style of writing. I have two cats, Bast and Dragon. And my favorite color is purple.
  7. What are the rules for joint posts? In prior sims, friends would either send an email back and forth with responses or get into one of the many IM screens and write a post that way.
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