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  1. Not in their current state, but I believe Hugh and the Cooperative are signs that the Borg can change into allies.
  2. :: Just before stepping out of the shuttle that brought him to what he hopes will be his new home away from home, a young, wiry Betazoid in a ‘Starfleet Academy of Betazed’ polo and blazer pauses for a few seconds to think. He is about to set foot on the ground of Starbase 118, a new landmark in his journey towards full membership of Starfleet. This is the kind of portentous moment that would require him to utter as good a line as he can muster. ‘One small step for a Betazoid’ ? ‘Once more unto the breach’ ? ‘I’m here to kick…’ No. Not that one. Finally, he settles for a much less dignified and memorable cussword as his gear bag gets caught in the door. :: oO Great. We’re off to a fantastic start… Oo :: After regaining his composure, he drags the guilty piece of luggage behing him along the corridors, then stops in front of a station map to check his PADD and wristwatch. :: oO Let’s see… taking into account the time I need to go to the holodeck, I still have two hours to kill. Let’s say one and a half, I’d better take a safety margin. I don’t want to let everyone down a fourth time by arriving late for my cadet cruse, do I ? And actually, let’s make it one, this way I’ll have time for some meditation and a psi-inhibitor shot before it all starts. So, one hour. Not enough to go to my bunk. Best course should be to find a place to get my cadet blues on, then. Find a bar, grab a juice to drink, use the toilet. Sounds like a plan. And maybe somethink light and energetic to munch on, Deities know I may need it. All right, course set. Cadet Lan Riel, engage ! Oo
  3. People of Starbase 118, I come in peace! Always wanted to say that as an intoduction. Hello ladies and gentlemen, my name is Yann and I have lucked upon this site while doing some background research for an RPG character (the good old-fashion paper, pen, dice and pizza version). On a personal note, I'm French and work as a safety engineer. Looking forward to simming with you all!
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