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  1. ((Starfleet Academy, San-Francisco)) ::Stepping off the shuttle, and seeing the beautiful San-Francisco waters beyond the bustling academy campus, was enough to bring a tear to his eye. Tyler had worked very hard the past five years preparing for his acceptance into Starfleet. But he know that more work lie ahead before he became an officer:: Dyros: Hey don't let it get to you too much we need to get to our dorms before it gets too crazy around here. Grommesh: Alright lets go. ::The two had met on the shuttle, and they did not know much about each other, except that they would be training together. They parted and went to their separate rooms:: oO Now to find some help Oo ::He looked around to find the Steward. Reinard: You like you need help. ::He looked at the man:: Grommesh: Captain ::He saluted and waited for a salute back before he dropped his own:: Reinard: I am Captain Greir Reinard, the cadet Steward. Grommesh: Yes sir, uh... I was just looking for my room. Reinard: What's your name cadet? Grommesh: Tyler James Grommesh, sir Reinard: Grommesh... G... Uh, that's gonna be... ::Reinard looked at his data pad and looked down a hallway:: Reinard: Down that way you should be in dorm 2H just up the stairs at the end of this hall Grommesh: Oh, thank you, sir. ::He began walking in the direction given to him. He followed the crowd of cadets up the stairs and found dorm 2H::
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