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  1. ((Bridge, USS Atlantis)) ::The ripple in time gently rolled across the ocean of consciousness, and in its wake, fragments of past, present and future lives, intricately entwined yet remarkably distinct, lay scattered along the shores of forever.. .. :: ((Through the rift – an alternate tale)) ((Il Diavolo Blu, Living Museum District, Sigma Iotia II)) ::His flame-colored hair appeared black under what must have been a ton of pomade. A stray strand of scarlet had still managed to break free of its waxy sticky prison and now hung carelessly over one twinkling emerald eye. His face was flushed fro
  2. Kat's recent interview, where he talks about the medical duty post forum, was very enlightened for me. It let me to find the science duty post forum and now I am trying to help with it. I know that the some interview helped others in the same way. Congratulations for the good work Skyfire.
  3. It saw a opportunity to strengthen my writing skills in English, have new friends and a lot of fun.
  4. I am Vulcan/Human. More Vulcan than Terran Welcome Renda. I guess you will adore your stay on Atlantis. I´m a former crewmember but still very active in the group. Cya.
  5. ((Sickbay, USS Atlantis)) The faintest blue Across the blackest mirror A pulse of the soul A song of the heart The softest whisper Ever slower Requiem For a fading flower Bleeding scarlet For a world Too proud to remember. Tears of scarlet Falling Painting A bleached shell Whose spark of life That faintest blue Across the blackest mirror That softest whisper Ever slower Bids farewell To a brother To a lover To a world Too proud to remember. A poem by: ==================================== Lt Emerson Ravenscroft Xenolinguist USS Atlantis NCC-74682 as simmed by: Cmdr. Raj Blueheart
  6. Hello you all. My real name is Sérgio and I´m from Brazil. I live now in the state of São Paulo. I am a teacher of Computer Science and sometime Microeletronics. I love all about sci-fi stuff and especially Startrek and Battlestar Galactica. I also teach and practice meditation and know a great thing about real science. I am appointed to USS Atlantis as Science Officer. I will play a son of an Angosian War Veteran and Algosian psychotherapy, who have a lot of difficulties to enter Starfleet Academy. I am really excited to start to post See you around.
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