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  1. Welcome to all New Members and good Luck to those in training! Why did I join this game again? Oh yea lol my older sister is a member too and she talked me into applying. I'm glad I decided to actually listen to her for a change because this is one of the best community games I've ever played and I love it here!
  2. What's on my mind this week? Awards, of course!

  3. “Arrival at Starbase 118” ((Starbase 118 Hanger)) :: Gwen smiled as she wandered out to the massive starbase. Gwen had never seen one before but she had stared up at the starry night sky from Hong-Kong hoping to one day leave Terra and her parents’ deaths behind her. Gwen checked the time and noted that she was way too early, she was certain she would have time to take a quick look around the base before heading to the holodeck. With that, she adjusted the bag on her shoulder and walked around for a bit. :: :: Gwen wasn’t interested in the people so much as the pieces of architecture and machines and wondering how she could take them all apart and put them back together better than new. People were never Gwen’s strong suit but she knew that would have to change if she ever wanted to make it to Captain. With stars in her eyes and hope in her heart, she checked the time one last time as she made her way to holodeck three for her training session and she still made it there moments before the others. :: Current signature: Cadet Guinevere “Gwen” Gardener USS Centris-A
  4. Hi everyone! My name is Emerald and I am currently simming for Cadet Guinevere “Gwen” Gardener. In RL I live in WA State, USA I am originaly from CA, USA and I am currently in school to become an event planner. I look foreward to simming with everyone, this game looks fun! Cadet Guinevere “Gwen” Gardener USS Centris-A
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