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  1. Hello. In real life my name is Stephen, and I work as an editor for Masters theses and doctoral dissertations (that means I have to look through all of the research that has been done and make sure that it is accurately paraphrased or quoted, in addition to correcting grammar and all of that, plus recommending a better way to say things). I live in the beautiful Bluegrass area of Kentucky. This is race horse country, and the horses are amazing and beautiful. But we say that Kentucky is the home of beautiful horses and fast women. This is also the part of Kentucky where bourbon is distilled. I just joined, and I'm looking very much forward to playing with everyone. Six or seven years ago, I had a very negative experience with Star Trek simming, and decided that I wouldn't do it ever again. But I got the itch again, and so I spent several weeks online looking at different ST rpg sites, and this one looked the most inviting. I am very hopeful that this new experience will be a very positive one, and something I can take pleasure in doing.
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