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  1. Alright, here goes: T'Lana stepped off the transporter pad and onto the floor of the transporter room. As soon as her foot touched down on the unremarkable surface, T'Lana felt as if her fate with sealed. New Vulcan and Betazoid would always be her true homes. Did others feel the same? She forced herself not to glance at the other recently graduated cadets, though she could sense their apprehension and excitement. She didn't want to admit that her heart was feeling the same conditions. With a nod to the transporter chief, T'Lana left for her quarters on Deck 5, finding them without trouble. As the doors opened, she set her belongings down and gave the room a sweep with her onyx colored eyes. She was a peculiar looking young woman. Slightly tall, her pointed ears and slanted eyebrows were a good indication of her Vulcan heritage. But her firey red hair was cut short with a side bang that brushed delicately against her forehead. Her eyes. were black like onyx gems traits found in Betazoid heritage. She was a quiet person, preferring to keep to herself instead of socializing. There were so many people and beings on the Starbase, that she felt a slight headache coming on. It was going to be like this. For a long time, she realized. Without being phased by her thoughts, T'Lana began unpacking her belongings, some of which had already been shipped to the base before she arrived. She hung up posters with Surak's teachings and a picture of a forest. She pulled out candles and began stationing them around the room. Perhaps she would light them later during meditation. For now, it would do. The final pieces to go on the walls was a Vulcan lyre and a picture of Vulcan before it had been destoryed. With that done, she lowered herself slowly onto the sofa in the room. It was still rather stark and well...not like her two homes at all. Could she be getting homesick? She was too old for that. Besides, she had personally requested the assignment here. Why, then, did she feel so out of place?
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