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  1. Character: Frank Evelyn Lynn Real name: Never used as I am a Jr. In my home town, known as 'Handsome' (for the same reason that the bald janitor was called 'Curly', the fat kid was labeled 'Slim', and the town slowpoke was nicknamed 'Speedy'). After leaving home, received strange looks when requesting people to 'Call me Handsome'. Now, generally known as Paco. [At this point, I must admit to a failure in creativity. As the Spanish speakers among you know, Paco = Frank, my character's name.] Location: Currently in the province of Osaka, Japan. Learned about UFOP:SB118 from a Google search for sci-fi RPGs. I was initially impressed, but it has taken me about six months to get up the nerve to apply. You all seem so well organized as well as dedicated; I'm not sure I am capable of achieving that level. This is my first attempt at simming. What I do: Teach. Professionally (languages, science, ...), but also because teaching is a central part of my personality. If I know something and someone wants to learn (guitar, computers, sports, ...), a teaching instinct takes over.
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