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  1. ((Shuttlecraft enroute to Starbase118)) ::Cadet Peter Coyum was not very fond of this particular type of shuttlecraft. He didn't know the type or model number but it was clearly a craft for civilian use and, as such, was full of civilians. The were a few exceptions such as himself and a couple of other Starfleet personnel including an interesting looking human male cadet with a large scar on his face who had comfortably nodded off to dreamland.:: ::It's not that Cadet Coyum didn't like shuttle flight but it's just that some craft were not quite designed for one of his physical stature, being a hair over 2 meters tall and approaching 130kgs. He always felt like the "elephant in the shuttle" at times like this.:: Pilot: =/\= Attention passengers, we will be docking with StarBase 118 in the next ten minutes. Please make sure that you have gathered all of your belongings and are prepared for customs.=/\= ::Cadet Coyum chuckled inwardly at the scarred cadet being startled out of sleep by the announcement but kept a stoic facade. Even as a kid he was able to keep a stern look on his face regardless of what he was thinking. It was something years of military schools and extra-curricular training ingrained in you. He didn't want anyone seeing anything but grim determination when they looked at him.:: ::The scarred cadet had begun interacting with a Caitian child in a friendly manner which had put a smile on the lips of it's mother. Clearly the cadet was destined for command, possibly even Captain of a vessel. Making others feel at ease and politicking for smiles was a valuable quality for a command Officer but did not interest Cadet Coyum. He felt destined to become a Starfleet Marine in service to the United Federation of Planets, possibly leading other Marines, but making children happy was not a necessary part of that equation.:: Pilot: =/\=This is your pilot speaking. We have docked with StarBase 118. You are now permitted to disembark.=/\= ::Cadet Peter Coyum stood and did exactly that, disembarked. He didn't even carry a duffel bag as he needed nothing but the skills and determination he had worked so hard to hone. Starfleet would provide him with everything else he would need, for the rest of his life...::
  2. Let me know what you want your display name to be, and I'll fix it for you. Awesome! Thanks! I just want my display name to be my character name, Peter Coyum. Down the road, when I get a more permanent rank than 'Cadet', I will probably want to change it again but for now that'd be great! Thank you Admiral!
  3. NOTE: Unfortunately i edited the wrong part of my profile and have changed my "Name". As this can't be changed for 30 days it will display as is. I apologize for display my over eager greeness to you all. My Profile and Character name is Peter Coyum. I will update my profile to reflect this as soon as the 30 day wait is over. I feel like a doofus. Then I went and misspelled the same thing on my member status! How embarrassing. Greetings All! I am glad to be here and am happy to be selected to Starbase118! I have applied and been accepted to Starfleet Academy and begin my training as a Cadet this Monday 239102.03. I am looking forward to giving my all to Starfleet and hope to serve the United Federation of Planets as a Starfleet Marine but am willing to accept whatever post puts me in service to the greater good. My RL First name is Travis. This will likely be the only time it is used as I prefer to stay in character, it will help with my writing. I currently Live in Las Vegas. I found Starbase118 while surfing for something specifically like this. If I had known this (simming) existed I would have looked for this outlet (Star Trek) years ago. I hope my contribution ultimately equals my excitement towards participating. I have been a Computer Operator for several years. On a more personal note, Star Trek has been a part of me and my outlook on life and society for as long as I can remember. My most fond memories are of me being very young and listening to my dad tell me about TOS (while watching) and what Gene Roddenberry's vision of the future must be. When TNG came out I accepted it as my own (as TOS was my fathers) and it helped give me the perspective I so desperately needed at that time in my life. I also love role playing, it's something else i have done my whole life. The art of storytelling and writing have always eluded me but that has never stopped me from trying. I hope to share to my fullest capability here at Starbase118! Thanks for having me and let the Storytelling begin! (well, after Cadet training).
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