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  1. ((Shuttlecraft enroute to Starbase118)) ::Cadet Peter Coyum was not very fond of this particular type of shuttlecraft. He didn't know the type or model number but it was clearly a craft for civilian use and, as such, was full of civilians. The were a few exceptions such as himself and a couple of other Starfleet personnel including an interesting looking human male cadet with a large scar on his face who had comfortably nodded off to dreamland.:: ::It's not that Cadet Coyum didn't like shuttle flight but it's just that some craft were not quite designed for one of his physical stature, being
  2. Let me know what you want your display name to be, and I'll fix it for you. Awesome! Thanks! I just want my display name to be my character name, Peter Coyum. Down the road, when I get a more permanent rank than 'Cadet', I will probably want to change it again but for now that'd be great! Thank you Admiral!
  3. NOTE: Unfortunately i edited the wrong part of my profile and have changed my "Name". As this can't be changed for 30 days it will display as is. I apologize for display my over eager greeness to you all. My Profile and Character name is Peter Coyum. I will update my profile to reflect this as soon as the 30 day wait is over. I feel like a doofus. Then I went and misspelled the same thing on my member status! How embarrassing. Greetings All! I am glad to be here and am happy to be selected to Starbase118! I have applied and been accepted to Starfleet Academy and begin my training as a Cadet th
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