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  1. Life had changed drastically for Aidoann. She knew she couldn’t go back and didn’t want to but also couldn’t help being cautious. The exact events that brought her to this point were something that would remain with her forever. Yet deep within they were meant to be. Glancing at others leaving the shuttle it was clear that Danara was a bit older than some. As a Romulan she knew there weren’t many of her kind. Dwelling on the past is not something Aidoann preferred. Honestly with the new life she had built things were good. Her eyes dropped to the PADD carrying her orders. Quickly she confirmed her final destination then returned to taking in the activity around her. While this was everything she’d hoped for and dreamed of it also felt a bit unnerving and strange. Aidoann knew with time that too would fade. As far as she concerned the past didn’t exist. The fact that she’d aided Starfleet set off a chain of events that led her to now being a full member of Starfleet. More than that it was a place Aidoann felt accepted. Danara’s former home world had been destroyed. Though it was not a place she wanted to remember. Starfleet presented her with a chance to make a difference. Hopefullly Aidoann would be able to achieve everything professionally that she wanted. “We’ll just have to see…” she commented to herself quietly. After that Danara continued towards her destination in silence. It gave her a chance to get her thoughts in order.
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