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  1. I thought this was a great way of summing up what we are heading into with the Peppalexa:

    From Lieutenant Delano's sim "Better Safe Than Sorry"

    :: Time travel. It was no secret that exploring space seemed to invite the occasional encounter with some kind of temporal phenomenon, but the matter-of-fact implication of beaming down to a planet that had somehow flashed forward nearly ten thousand years was hard to digest. 10,000 years ago, humans had just starting to figure out basic agriculture. For the Peppalexans, that had been last week. ::

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  2. Quoted from Captain Reynolds "Lost Memories"

    ::Almost pristine. There were traces, here and there. A small shard of pottery from a pot here, a sliver of glass from a terrarium there. They might as well have been splinters of her heart, the homes of the botanical sign-posts of her life, the living memories that she had cared for and cultivated for years.


    Your descriptions were beautiful, I kept just the first line for the sake of brevity. But I truly enjoyed it and it has me thinking of ways to better incorporate it into my writing.

    ::A step away from burying herself under the blankets of her bed to mope, panic seized her. With the grace of a beached whale, she dropped to her hands and knees, scrambling underneath for a case she had never yet opened.

    ::A light film of dust covered the rigid black leather, smeared and wiped clean in winding trails where vines had crept over its surface. A deep crack stretched across its width, almost cleaving the case in half. The clasps were stubborn, a combination of her shaking hands and lack of use, and the lid split cleanly into two as she pushed it open.

    ::But there it was. Perfectly intact, the warm, rich tones of varnished maple shone in the light. The viola was the work of a craftsman, as beautiful as the music it made.

    Also great here -- I really enjoyed the whole post!

    PS: Raissa, I figured it out how to do the quote thing. Hit "more reply options" and it is the text bubble right under "My Media" on the control board.

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  3. Hey everyone,

    I just wanted to take a quick moment and introduce myself. My name is Ryan King and I sim for the newly graduated Ensign and HCO officer aboard the U.S.S. Excalibur-A, Daniel Underwood.

    I'm originally from Sacramento, California where after a few years of getting my act together, I attended junior college and transferred and graduated from U.C. Berkeley. I now reside in Washington, D.C. where I work in communications for Congress. ::Ducks the rotten eggs.:: I came across the group on a google search and remembered the fun I had simming for other groups in the past.

    Many thanks for the awesome welcome, I look forward to the experience!

  4. The hiss of a broken seal brought Daniel Underwood mind back to reality. He had only been standing in front of the hatch for five minutes. But the glass in front of him had caught his attention. There was nothing new about his reflection. Disheveled, thick dark brown hair crowned his head. A strong, pointed German nose, a biological gift from his fathers ancestors and a square-set jaw line. His face barely betrayed the fact that he was nearly about to turn 30. Most folks that met him barely thought he was in his second year at the Academy; let alone about to graduate.

    Daniel yawned quietly. He felt as though his mind had atrophied on the brief ride to Starbase 118. He hadn't flown so much as a holodeck simulation in two days and he hated not being in control of his own course -- whether it be in life, or on a starship. Daniel reached down and grabbed his small bag, hanging it quietly over his right shoulder and placing his right hand on it to keep it firmly pressed against his side. He'd already gotten the side-eye from an elderly Andorian for accidentally bumping into her with it and hoped to avoid a similar altercation. Though he was known for his lack of patience, he had even less patience for testy old ladies, no matter their species.

    The great huddle of people -- around 50 in all -- gently moved as a great lumbering mob as the passengers disembarked from the transport. Daniel weaved around a little to try and get a better view of the area. Luck was not on his side though; three six-foot Klingons formed a pungent wall in front of him. "Thank God I didn't sit next to them." He thought aloud, a slight southern drawl escaping his lips, and then winced.

    Daniel stood quietly and attempted to fall back a little. If the Klingons had heard that comment, he wanted to give them a little space so he could duck any knives being thrown at him. Fortunately for Daniel, the Klingons didn't seem to hear the petite 5'6" Human and proceeded on their way. Heaving a sigh of relief, Daniel moved further from the airlock and into the Starbase proper. "Here we go." He thought, keeping his mouth firmly shut this time.

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