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  1. Slowly stepping from the transport, Kristalyn Tracee looked around. Smiling slightly, she moved along with the other passangers from the transport, straightening her new (and still uncomfortable) cadet uniform. After the still painful memories of her parents disowning her for "turning her back on them" she was very relieved that she was able to learn enough in the few weeks she had to prepare to become a cadet. If she didn't pass she would have had no where else to go. She stopped along the corridor and set down her bag for a moment to attempt to reign in her wild waves, the bright color of fire surrounding her face as she attempted to re-braid it. She then smiled at a child passing by who was staring at her. No doubt the child was staring at Kristalyn's eyes, for they were such a bright green that it was almost like they glowed. In fact; her eyes did seem to glow like a cat's when there was little light. It often got her some very strange looks, as she was fully human, but she was used to it. Picking up her bag once again, she walked along the corridor, attempting to find where she was supposed to go, looking along the crowd. She could see many other cadets in the far distance, noting the insigneas on their shirts. Most people would not have been able to see that detail at this distance, but her genetic "deformity" gave her an edge. With that and her ability to memorize things faster than most it helped her in many situations. All she could hope for, though, was that she wasn't looked at as a freak. Her life in a house that was forever stuck in the early twenty-first century made her feel like a freak enough. She quickly moved through the crowd, hoping to catch up to the other cadets... hoping she wouldn't be playing catch up for her whole life. Facts on Kristalyn Tracee: Age: 28 Hometown: Fergus Falls, MN, Earth Race: Human Hair color: Bright Red Eye color: Bright Green Height: 167.6 cm (5ft 6in) Special atributes: naturally inhanced eyesight, quick memory retention/recolection Parents: Lando and Christie Tracee; artists
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