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  1. Makoto looked around the shuttle at the other cadets a mixture of nervous excitement filled the air. The cadet next to him looked as if he was ready to loose his lunch and a young Ferengi across from him was about vibrating out of his seat. Makoto smiled his light blue grey streaked eyes flashed with amusement. A voice behind him spoke. Cadet: “So you nervous?” Makoto turned and looked at the Vulcan sitting behind him. He looked a little older then most of the others and the blue piping on his uniform lead him to believe the Vulcan was in medical. Makoto: “Actually not at all I am feeling pretty excited and just ready to get this ove with. I would ask how you are feeling but I assume I would get some response about how that would be illogical since you are a Vulcan.” The Vulcan raised an eyebrow as Makoto smiled at him. Before either could reply however the shuttle finished docking with the Starbase.
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