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  1. Jack Corbin stood up from his bent position as he stepped out from the shuttle onto the docking bay of the star base. He then stretched out his large 6'6" frame and let out a long loud yawn that made the other cadets look at him a bit funny. He smiled joyfully at them. Probably 15 years their senior already having practiced as a doctor back on earth for a number of years he was fun loving, friendly and easy going. He straightened out his uniform tugging at the sleeves which was in perfect order. He then scanned the docking bay noting exits, signs, the cadets. One which was clearly sick from the flight. Another so nervous they probably were going to need to change their pants. Chuckling he grabs the young cadet that was closest to him. A female Vulcan. Who's shocked face could not be helped as his large arms started dragging her down the gangplank. "So Yankee have I told you about the time I had to wrestle a gator to get to a patient?"
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