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  1. Arrival at Star Base 118 Aurora smiled and looked around, proud to have made it this far with high marks. Her mother would have been proud. Aurora had only seen photos of her mother, but she was certain that she was her mother’s spitting image at twenty five. Aurora’s chest length, wavy, red hair was held behind her head in a perfect, dead center bun framing her pale face that glowed with her intense green eyes hiding the pain of her father’s recent death. Despite recent events, she held her head high and was excited to be taking the final steps to being a Starfleet officer like her mother before her. Aurora had been a busy and dedicated student right up to this day, a triple major in Counseling, Tactical, and Science specializing in both Sociology and Linguistics. She didn’t know what lay before her, but she knew she was ready for anything and everything. She let her mind wander a little about what life would be like now that she was an orphan and about to take the biggest step of her life with no one to share it with. In her daze, Aurora dropped her bag onto the foot of a Cadet going another direction. “Dammit! I’m so sorry! Are you okay?” She asked the young male Cadet as she reached down for her duffle bag. “I’m fine really; it’s not a big deal. Here, let me get that.” Said the Cadet as he picked her bag up for her and handed it back. “I’d stay for a chat, but I’m late for a briefing, good luck.” The Cadet said as he smiled and started walking away, glancing one last time over his shoulder just in time to see Aurora smiling and nodding in thanks. Aurora thought to herself, “Well that was a not so great first impression; he must think I’m a ditz. I just hope I do a better job impressing my COs than that. Mom, this is for you. Here goes nothing!” Aurora smiled confidently as she walked forward through the doors to her future. Cadet Aurora James
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