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  1. As the shuttle approached the Starbase, Mithril Amargis glanced out of the forward window. The massive station was startling, even though he had seen schematics for a Starbase and had been to the one orbiting Earth, before departing for StarBase 118. An Aurelian with auburn and brown feathers and bright amber eyes, he was used to seeing things from a distance. However nothing prepared him for the site of a StarBase. A real, true StarBase. Mithril adjusted himself a bit, His wings were cramped in the small shuttle made for wingless creatures. Creatures shorter than himself. Thankfully, his suit fit well and was not very uncomfortable. The shuttle landed in one of the StarBase's many bays, and the back door of the while, sterile shuttle opened. He walked out of the shuttle and shook his wings a bit. He found himself in a mass of people as he entered the Commercial Sector. He had some time to kill and wanted to acquaint himself with Federation culture this far away from Earth. Suddenly his size meant nothing as he was in the company of creatures that came in all different shapes, sizes and colors. He was in no way unusual, and blended in with the masses quite well. This is the Federation at its best, he thought to himself. Infinite diversity in infinite combinations. That, it truly was.
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