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  1. Thanks, FltAdml. Wolf and Alora! I won't mind combat if it comes up occasionally as a plot device. I just wanted to make sure it wasn't the primary/dominant plot device around here. Everyone has already been so friendly. I'm looking forward to starting my training!
  2. Sent my application in this weekend. My training starts later today. Here's my character introduction and here's my personal introduction. My question is about the tone/nature of the simming here. Is it combat-heavy? I really have little interest in simming combat. My favorite Star Trek episodes are where they're exploring and discovering. I'd be much more interested in simming investigating an anomaly, discovering what happened to a colony that mysteriously disappeared, or rescuing the inhabitants of a planet in danger of a natural disaster than ships shooting at each other. Or does it vary b
  3. My name is Matthew Miller, and I live in Shawnee, OK. I'm a bivocational youth pastor. I serve at a small church that can't afford a full-time youth pastor. I also work in the IT department of Christian university (Oklahoma Baptist University) as the Database Administrator.
  4. Pizza. It was the first thing Cadet Timmons West saw once he stepped aboard StarBase 118. Here he was. He was finally in space. He'd spent his whole life on Earth but had always dreamed of the stars. And the first thing he saw--pizza! Some things are just universal. Since he had a couple hours to burn before he had to report to the holodeck for his cadet cruise, West thought he'd grab a bite to eat. But not pizza. He'd basically lived off the stuff for the last four years at Academy. There were so many cultures aboard the StarBase. He wanted to try something a bit more, uh, exotic. There was a
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