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  1. Hi there, My name is Harry, I'm 30 years old and I live in Leeds, UK. I actually found this group a long time ago on Google and have just been waiting for the right time really to send in my application. I work full time as a primary school teacher teaching a mixed Year 1 and 2 class (5-7 year olds). I absolutely love my job. It is my life and making a difference every single day to such wonderful young people. Glad to be here!
  2. Jesse looked around at the hustle and bustle around him. It really was quite extraordinary. After years of a structured, almost regimental routine, he was now confronted with a situation that was almost chaotic with an infinite amount of possibilities. Keeping his head down, Jesse moved forward, keeping to the sidelines of the great promenade. He paused for a moment as he caught sight of himself in the reflection of some wall panelling: tall, dark hair, handsome with blue eyes. He really looked like the "all-American" kid except he wasn't American, he was a Ba'ku. Far from home and far from everything that was once a simple life where prejudice and intolerance didn't exist. Allowing a single tear to escape his eyes, Jesse pressed on: keeping to the sidelines and keeping his eye on everyone and everything. The days and weeks ahead were bound to be interesting. Jesse knew that. Interesting and,,, hard, He only hoped that the people he was about to serve with were more accommodating than some of his old academy mates who played on his OCD and .... other things ... just to get a laugh or two at his expense. Finding a lone bench with a view, Jesse sat down. Truth was, he had made it. Past it all. And here he was. It was all about to begin .. for real. He smiled and his features lit up for just a moment and his eyes twinkled. His family would be proud. Jesse jumped inwardly as a humanoid of some description sat next to him. Perhaps he should go now ... standing up and retreating back to the sides, he carefully reversed his journey, step for step back to the transport...
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