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  1. ((USS Jefferson-Transport Ship quarters)) :: Jackson sat at his desk with a PADD in his hands. The glow from the PADD illuminated his face in the dark room. The PADD contain a virtual layout of Starbase 118. He taps a few buttons on the PADD.:: oO Wow this place is huge...Oo Computer: The time is 1600 hrs. We will arrive at Starbase 118 in 15 minutes. Kent: Lights.. :: The room is illuminated by the command Jackson gives. He stands up and makes his way towards the bed. There on the bed layed out was his uniform. He picks it up and proceeds to put it on. Looking towards the mirror behind him he clips on his combadge to his chest and tugs on the uniform to straighten it out. He then picks up a tie that is on the bed and ties back his hair exposing his pointed ears and part Vulcan heritage.:: (10 miutes later) ::He hears the docking procedure complete and feel a slight shake of the ship.:: ....=/\= We have arrived at Starbase 118.=/\= Kent: =/\= Acknowledged =/\= :: Jackson walks out of the quarters and makes his way down the corridor. He enters the turbolift at the end. The doors slide open as he walks in and turns around.:: Kent: Deck 4 airlock. :: The doors slide shut and the turbolift begins to move:: ((Starbase 118)) :: Jackson steps through the airlock and sees people coming and going here and there. The corridor is flooded with activity of all kinds. Families being reunited, merchants collecting cargo, Starfleet personnel both coming of and getting on the transport ship.:: oO Well.........I don't have anything scheduled until the morning. What shall I do??Oo
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