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  1. Hello, I'm Michael Normally I live in Colorado Springs, Colorado, but I am currently mobilized with the Army Reserve to El Paso, Texas. I found out about Starbase 118 on penandpapergames.com, there was a post to come check ya'll out. At the moment, I am a general manager of a 3,000 bed training and housing facility for soldiers, sailors, marines, and airmen preparing for deployment overseas. In my civilian life, I am a social worker assisting veterans in the criminal justice system.
  2. Ian Galloway exited the turbolift and blinked at the size of the dome of the commercial sector. Of course he's read about it when he found out his first assignment would be Starbase 118, but reading about and looking at were two different things. He managed, barely, but this was one time barely counted, not to gape as he walked through the main concourse and tried to soak in everything at once. This quickly proved to be too much, so Ian found a bench with a nice view where he could sit and watch the throngs of beings move about their business. "Not too bad for a young lad from Inverness." Ian
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