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  1. Aidoann stepped through the airlock to Starbase 118 and paused, awed by the massive interior of the space station. She had thought Earth Spacedock was huge, but this dwarfed that station. The open space, green plants, and natural-seeming lighting made her feel as if she had stepped out into a city on Earth rather than onto a space station. Jostled by another of the disembarking cadets snapped her out of her reverie and started her moving again. Momentarily flustered, she mumbled apologies and kept moving forward, fishing for her ID as she approached the security gate. She proffered her ID car
  2. Awesome!!! Thanks you so much! Just wish I was better at photoshop and could do it myself.
  3. I noticed a lot of people have really nice images using various actores but having them in Starfleet uniforms. Sadly I SUCK at photoshop. Does anyone know if there is a site out there that allows you to do this or have any suggestions? Thanks!
  4. Hey Everyone! My name is Alex and live in Baltimore, MD where I work as a computer game designer (I write content and design story; I'm not a programmer). I'm really looking forward ot being a part of the community here! Alex
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