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  1. (Starbase 118 - Dock 6B- Arrival point) The genius was that built this station its massive in size and scope. Amit had not made it to far past docking doors and his mind was already inspecting his surroundings. Tid bits of odd facts and design facts. "pipe..exchange air, box 2761V? Ah! must be manual quartine for the exchange" Amit mumbled about distracted and amused. "Cadet, it is not logical for you to be 'easily amused' when you are earily enough to go to medical as I know you need to be." Ensign T'sal spoke looked to get a proper response out of Cadet Amit. Her eyebrows were both slightly raised. Spoke calmly, but had a slight difference in tone than what is usally used. "On a seperate note Cadet, 2761V is a for filtering air on a moleclure level, Not quarinte, that one you are referring to is perpendicluar to the spoke-channel tube port for dock sensors, Marked 2525O." Context of her voice adjusted too a matter of fact tone. Pausing for a moment, knowning he is ether in very little trouble or its the wife. Okay well, that knowlege is generally known by senior staff to the execption of designers, so thats ether my wife or the station CMO. If its my wife greet and smile like I wasnt doing anything wrong, if the CMO duck. Cadet Amit slowly creeked his head slowly to looked behind him. "Well long time no see, Doctor T'sal Amit, and congrats on Doctorates on System Design & Manufactering" Aimed for the innocent hug, to distract her for a moment that he was in no rush to go to medical. T'sal is no fool to her husbans muses, softly rose her arms only to grab his right wrist, forcing her body next to his pushing her hip into Amit for a nice hard slam to the deck and twist of his arm. "Nurse, he is ready for his last vactionation and blood sample for CMO should anything happen." She had slowly brought her knee down to the back of his neck for add control and restraint. The male nurse rushed over half supprised it was delt with this way. "Yes, Ma'am" He first gave him a hypospray for the vacincce on Amit's leg. Then moved to pull down the sleeve on the restrained arm to draw blood. "Thank you, ma'am" "Ya know your logic sucks sometimes" Amit noted and completely ignoring the nurse. His face somewhat red from being pinned. Rather proudly in only a way a vulcan can be proud expression, T'sal let Amit go rising off her knee and Amit. "I know you would have found a way to keep your mind off of medical, first we got word you ditched your last vacination unintentionally because they didnt say they where giving it to you in fear you wouldnt show up. Two, trapping you would be pointless and a waste of time and transporters the same. Third, if you didnt have an irrational fear of Medical i wouldnt had to hold you down. Lastly, Love you too. Lets get something to eat and I will show you to the academy office, by the way I still dont know where I am to be assigned" Cadet Amit Starfleet Academy Richard
  2. Hi-Hi, Everyone My name is Richard (My [submitted to the academy] Character is Caird Shepard Amit) Fun facts: All parts of my Character name have meaning. These meanings are more for a reminder for me than to be amazed by. Caird is a occipational name means travling metalsmith Shepard another occipational name also varant spelling, most people know this it means sheep herder or guardian. Amit while not a sir name I am implementing it as one, means friend/comrade So assentally from my characters name, I can derive personality, goals, job, at one glance. Its not always perfect system but it also inspires ideas for me, and things for the bio. I live in US, GA, and near Atlanta I found your website through Google by searching "Star Trek PBEM" My job title computer technician, on my hobby time im trying to make a brand new programming language from assembly. One thing that fascinates me about star trek, is while they go looking out in to the universe for answers im sitting there going about 40% of that ship is accounted for. So ship design is something I have always been interested in. There are so many unknowns still even in the tech guides there is still alot of room. Even if you complied all of star trek onto one ship that ship would only be 60% accounted for, not including crew just the ship itself. I wouldnt say im an expert or I know alot, as I tend to like more general focus of information to find a standard, so there is still alot of information I have not come by or evaluated yet. Plus in simming from what I hear/read theres alot more leeway. Very Respectfully. Richard.
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