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  1. The docking port was crowded with civilians and other cadets as they waited for the hatch to open, most of the cadets seemed eager and found difficulty in relaxing and shifted uneasily. When the port opened the crowd entered into a single file line as they waited in a queue before the Base's customs station..Arrik watched the various people converse with each other, most asking about why they were there. This seemed a silly question to Arrik when he saw one cadet ask another as it was obvious they were all on their Cadet Cruise especially since most of them were in the same classes, but then surprisingly he found himself being asked and instead of responding with something witty he just said, "I'm on my Cadet Cruise." "Really, so am I!" she replied showing some sort of enthusiasm Arrik couldn't understand so he just nodded in response. "Do you know what ship you're being assigned to?" the small blonde and attractive female cadet asked him. Again Arrik's mind reeled since this cadet should already know that they haven't been given assignments yet, "Not yet." he said trying to discourage any more attempts by her to continue the conversation. She picked up on his monotone and uninviting responses, so she simply nodded accepting him as a non social brute, probably one of those guys who can't afford to show a heart. She felt strange around him, he was quite striking and his voice was something else. She only heard him say about Seven things but she knew she wanted to hear him say more. It was an interesting accent of Scandinavian and some sort of Pacific accent and it seemed to match his appearance. He was Human or looked like he was only Human and about Two Meters tall. She was only One Point Seven herself she kept sneaking peeks at him when he wasn't looking, the pale colour of his Caucasian skin contrasted against the golden blonde hair that he kept cut short to military regulation. Finally the pair had reached the custom station, both stepped through the scanner and declared their luggage, after presenting the necessary credentials they were given a brief description of the base and told about their access levels, they were given all the standard information for visitors. Upon finishing their boarding operations the two stepped out onto the Starbase, this time Arrik found himself having the same trouble as the other cadets from earlier with trying to keep his own eagerness from showing and he failed miserably as he smiled, the site of the Base giving him a strong sense of accomplishment somewhat qualifying the time he'd spent at the academy even though it wasn't yet graduation. The young blonde cadet beamed, "He has a heart afterall." she thought as she enjoyed seeing the stoic man smile.
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