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  1. Great to hear that your enjoying yourself! Just as many other replies, I too debated it all. But you learn sooo much from reading others work and writing more of your own! And never hesitate to ask your mentor (or anyone else) for advice. I have never been met with anything but happy faces and lots of help.
  2. Hello!

    I turned in a re-application form yesterday and I am bit worried since I have gotten no confirmation mail (is there one?) or received any sort of contact. From my earlier stint almost two years ago I know you guys work fast, so I was just worried that I did something wrong, like typing in the wrong email or something?

    Hope it's OK messaging you about this?

    //John aka. Reni Svalasdottir

  3. Thank you so much! I knew there was one but I couldn't find it. Guess I am blind
  4. Hello! Well, in short: I had an (all too) short stint here over a year ago and now I really wish to return. How should I proceed with that? Regards, Reni Svalasdottir
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