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  1. (( Sol's quarters - U.S.S. Narendra ))
    :: Sol closed the message, spinning around in her chair. It looked like she needed to replicate something nice enough for the upcoming party. What she wouldnt give for Georgio to be aboard the Narendra. The hologram was a bit eccentric, but had great fashion sense. She chuckled to herself and stood, walking over to the replicator. She scrolled through the menus, just browsing the list of semi-formal attire she could replicate, finally settling on a nice off the shoulder dress with a corsetted bodice and a pair of heels. She picked up the garment and the shoes and set them on the bed, undoing the jacket of her uniform. ::
    McLaren: Computer... what is the time in Belfast, Ireland?
    :: The computer beeped. ::
    Computer: 17:34 hours.
    :: Sol grinned, walking over to her terminal tapping in a few commands. The screen changed to a standard subspace communications splash screen as her call was put through. She set her combadge on the desk, and started pulling her pips off, setting them next to it. The screen soon changed to show a quaint Irish cottage, though no one was currently on the screen. Sol's brow furrowed in confusion. ::
    McLaren: Hello?
    :: The was a slight crash off screen. ::
    Vivian McLaren: In ainm Dé! Rose... hang on!
    :: The face of a woman soon slid into view, a bit dusty, presumably from cleaning the house. Sol laughed. ::
    McLaren: Hey, Mum. How are you?
    Vivian: Im fine! Rose... when did you get back? Last we heard you were going away for a while... then nothing.
    McLaren: I just got to my new posting yesterday. Im back on Starbase 118.
    Vivian: Is everything ok?
    :: Sol nodded smiling. ::
    McLaren: Yea, everything is fine, Mum. I just wanted to call and let you know I was still alive... :: She chuckled. :: By the time I got aboard yesterday it was too late to call.
    Vivian: Oh you could ahve called... we would have been thrilled.
    :: Sol nodded. ::
    McLaren: Yea, perfectly thrilled until the next morning rolled around.
    :: Vivian laughed. ::
    Vivian: Maybe so, love... maybe so. What has Starfleet got you doing now?
    McLaren: Same thing as always Mum. Lots of paperwork... some exploration. oO And going undercover for months at a time... but I cant tell you about that... Oo What about you? Hows the shop?
    Vivian: A bit slow recently... but it'll pick up. Always does.
    McLaren: And what about Dad? Wheres he right now?
    Vivian: Oh he's at the pub, getting ready to open. You just missed him.
    :: Sol frowned. ::
    McLaren: Let him know I called?
    Vivian: :: nodding :: Of course, I'll--
    :: There was a bark and the face of a Siberian Husky popped into the frame bringing a wide smile to Sol's face. ::
    McLaren: Hi Luna! Have you been a good dog?
    :: Luna licked the screen, barking. Vivian laughed. ::
    McLaren: Im sure you have Luna... I miss you.
    :: Sol placed her hand on the screen and Luna licked it again. ::
    Vvivan: We all miss you too, Rose...
    :: Sol glacned at the chronometer, sighing. ::
    McLaren: I have to go Mum, gotta finish getting ready... theres a ceremony soon. Everyone has to be there.
    :: Vivian nodded. Luna whined, getting a pet from Vivian. ::
    Vivian: Alright Rose, have a good time. Be safe.
    McLaren: I will. Is breá liom tú.
    Vivian: I love you too.
    :: Sol smiled, waving. Luna barked again, before dropping out of the frame as her mother ended the transmission. Sol sat back and sighed, happy to have gotten a chance to finally call home. She couldnt sit idle for too long , soon getting up to finish getting ready for the award ceremony. ::
    (( OOC: Just a little bit of Sol with her mother. And her dog. Because I felt like writing. ))
    Lieutenant Solaris McLaren
    Intelligence Officer
    Starbase 118 Ops



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  2. Quote

    Jager: Child murderers deserve nothing less.

    ::They arrived at the Klingon version of the turbo lift. The corridors were still clear.::

    Fairhug: If we hail the lift, they’ll know about it. Let’s prise the doors open, set some charges and keep moving.

    Jager: Copy that. Sir, a hand?

    oO Sir? He's old enough to be my dad Oo

    ::Cain unslung his pack and pulled out more charges like the ones set on the cloaking device. He tossed a couple at the lead Marine.::

    Cain: With pleasure

    ::They both started setting charges. The "Old Man" as Cain was beginning to refer to him gave him a few pointers along the way, further vindicating Cain's earlier thought. They were finished quickly and the group moved on, in the same order they moved into the cloakroom.::

    Wonderful bit of interaction between Cain and Jager here :)  Great writing Mr. Cain!

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  3. What an amazing group of winners we have this year!!

    @Jarred Thoran - CONGRATULATIONS and thank you for all your amazing work on the Columbia!

    @Kayla Drex - You are a wonderful junior staffer on the eagle and an eager energetic writer!  I'm so happy to see you get recognized with this award!  Congratulations!

    @Blaidd Vescori - so many congratulations!  I am so glad you could be recognized.  You are a fantastic writer, a wonderful roleplayer and a great person to talk to.  You are one of the reasons why I didn't retire my secondary character when times got rough and I switched jobs.  Thank you for making the Eagle a more fun and exciting place to play!

    And of course...

    CONGRATULATIONS @Gogigobo Fairhug!!  I would never wish for anyone to have to move off such a wonderful ship like the Apollo, but out of that came something great - and that was getting to know an amazing group of players who were all spearheaded by an incredible writer and staffperson - Gogi.  You are such a wonderful person to talk to, to work with and to write with.  I am so excited to keep working with Gogi in different roles and seeing our characters relationship grow.  Thank you so much for all your hard work and effort in making our story about Star Trek a memorable one!

    Congratulations to all the winners!!

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  4. Congratulations everyone!!

    @Jarred Thoran- CONGRATULATIONS!  I can think of no better rising star this year.  This is the award that truly encompasses all you do and I am so happy to see you recognized for this!!  Thank you for everything you do for you ship, and as a fleetwide staff person!  I can't wait to see how you shine in the future! 

    @Geoffrey Teller - I am so excited to see you recognized as this year's Luminary!!  You have such a stellar knowledge of Star trek and I can't wait to talk with you more on Discord and see what you do in the fleet in the upcoming year!

    And CONGRATULATIONS to everyone else recognized!  Thank you for all you do!

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  5. @Jarred Thoran - Congratulations and thank you for all the work you do on the publicity team and for all the various facets of our game that you improve!  You have done an amazing job this year!

    @Jalana - Congratulations on the Pike Pendant!  You have worked so hard for so many years as CO of the Conny and done a great job!  I'm so happy to see you recognized!

    @Mei'konda - Congratulations!  Launching a ship is no easy task and you approached the hurdles and growing pains with commitment and energy.  Thank you so much for working so hard for your crew!  I'm glad to see you honored this year!

    @Alex Blair - Its rare that we get to recognize someone who works behind the scenes like you do, but I'm so glad we had the opportunity to recognize you for all the hard work you've done on the fleetwide newsletter and on the academy stats.  Congratulations and thank you so much!

    @Theo Whittaker - I am so proud of you Theo.  You have learned so much this year, and grown as a commanding officer, shaping one of the best ships in the fleet.  You deserve this and I'm so happy to recognize all your hard work.  Congratulations!!

    And finally - I know it might seem odd to present Fleet Admiral Wolf with an award like Staff Member of the Year, but I didn't realize he had never won it until I did some research!  And this was absolutely the year to recognize Wolf.

    I know players don't see what all happens behind the scenes - but this year Fleet Admiral Wolf supported some of our biggest OOC taskforces, helping with the Publicity team, the chat team and leading the News team!  He also stepped in and helped almost every ship on our roster navigate through difficult times, from helping CO's get back on their feet after IRL emergencies, helping ships work through hard times, facilitating a ship merger and two ship launches, working through a sudden rush to place an awesome group of players from Reddit and more.  ALSO it's the 25th anniversary!  He's administrated this game for 25 years!  That's amazing!

    I want to say Thank you to @FltAdml. Wolf for proving a longterm stable game for players to continue to write amazing Star Trek stories year after year.  Thank you so much and congratulations!


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  6. ((Ishnag Education Center – Main Hall))

    Maxwell: =/\= Maxwell tae Malko. We've got incoming. You are tae hold your position around the shuttle and remain undetected for now. Tell MacMahon that's an order! =/\=

    :: The hail from Lieutenant Commander Maxwell was not news to Malko. Only seconds before a Starfleet officer was being carried into the triage area and the whole camp around the shuttle had gone into high alert. The medical team led by Nurse Gau was lining up tables and electron scanners in a fury of medical feng shui.

    Malko was about to reply when he noticed the injured officer had dropped his tricorder coming through the path behind the landing zone... ::

    Poq: ?

    Jesseth: We have 14,678 gornlings on this planet in two areas – this one is the larger with 8000, and then eighteen quadrosecs away there is another building with the remaining younglings.  We have put in emergency measures and all our younglings and staff are in shelters, with the majority being in this building.  

    Maxwell: What defensive systems do you have? ::Turning.:: Is there anything you need, Dr?

    Poq: ?

    Jesseth: Yes, there is a medical facility on the second level.  We also have meteor shields if all evacuated staff and younglings are below ground level.

    Maxwell: Then I would respectfully suggest you do so, Administrator.

    Poq: ?

    Jesseth: Yes I will - ::He cut off as the shield that protected the building sizzled:: A hit on our reflective shields.  They have come.

    Maxwell: Are there any weapons on site? Anything at all?

    Poq/Jesseth: ?

    Maxwell: I appreciate that, Administrator, but you must have something?

    Poq/Jesseth: ?

    Maxwell: Bows, aye?

    Poq/Jesseth: ?
    :: Behind Malko, the Marines were creating a perimeter around the shuttle, weapons raised, ready to protect the injured at any cost. Following Maxwell's orders, they were keeping the landed unit as clandestine as possible. 
    Malko stepped over the thick roots in the swampy brush. If the Klingons heard this pinging Starfleet tricorder that was dropped out here, they would be on their trail. ::
    Malko:  =/\= Malko to Maxwell, MacMahon is behaving. I will keep you updated on our situation. Have you and the Doctor found a...
    :: Just then Malko realized why the tricorder was pinging...
    - Lifeform detected -
    Malko drew his phaser just as a well-worn disruptor poked its way through the foliage. A female Klingon in pastel coloured vestments tilted her head to the side. Both were surprised to see each other. The Klingon stared at Malko down the ironsights of the disruptor as he held the phaser at his hip and stood slowly. He gritted his teeth and hoped she could not see the tremble of his hand. ::
    Maxwell: ?

    Poq/Jesseth: ?
    :: He did not think it would be smart to respond. The Klingon overheard the radio chatter, and knew where they were keeping the Ambassador. Malko was painfully aware he could not let this Klingon leave his sights and share that with the rest of the cult. He was also aware he could not call for the marines and give away the position of the shuttle hidden behind him with all their injured were being treated.
    A stalemate had been reached. They had a Terran stand-off on their hands.
    If either of them were going to shoot, they would have done it by now. That meant this Klingon was at least somewhat interested in self-preservation. Good - he could work with that. Malko remembered he had never actually touched his commbadge to close the channel... ::
    Malko: ::slowly:: ... My name is Malko... I belong to Starfleet... I am a medical and diplomatic officer, not a soldier. As, I'm sure, you can tell. You are with Molor? What is your name?
    Klingon: *low grumble* ::looking around::
    Malko: I won't call for backup if you don't. It's just me and you. What is your name?
    Klingon: *lower grumble*... Askade.
    Malko: Askade. 
    Maxwell: ?

    Poq/Jesseth: ?
    Malko: Askade, why do you fight for Molor?
    Askade: Ha. For the pride of our people. For a glorious life. ::she smiled and bared her serrated teeth :: Why do you fight for the Gorn?
    Malko: Starfleet believes all races are their people. Our houses are not defined by bloodline but by creed. When my people are threatened, I fight to protect my people. Just as I would fight to protect you, Askade, if a threat came to your home and darkened your doorstep. 
    Askade: ...LIES. :: stepping forward into the clearing to close the distance, flexing her vascular musculature. ::
    Malko: ::sternly:: You are not my enemy, Askade. If we were here to wage war, we would have opened fire without care for either race's casualties. We... No - I am here to protect. I have sworn this as my life's duty, and as a Klingon I'm damn sure you can respect that. ::his eyes watered::   
    Maxwell: ?

    Poq/Jesseth: ?
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  7. Quote

    The hail from Lieutenant Commander Maxwell was not news to Malko. Only seconds before a Starfleet officer was being carried into the triage area and the whole camp around the shuttle had gone into high alert. The medical team led by Nurse Gau was lining up tables and electron scanners in a fury of medical feng shui.

    I love the description of 'medical feng shui'!!

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  8. Quote

    ::Janul went back to his console again, continuing to tinker with his list of ships as he stripped it further and further back. Thelist was now a mere forty-one names long. And a couple of the names on the list stood out like a glowing beacon to the Klingon as he stared at them.

    Du'chak. V'Tokh. Qa'yarin. Chang-Vor'ch.

    Those four names seemed to glow like a baleful fire each time they passed his eyes within the slowly scrolling list.::

    Janul will find you... >.>

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