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  1. I'm torn.  I *almost* chose a Nova class ship for my command because I love the feeling of having a small, maneuverable stealthy ship with a specific mission type like the sciene-oriented Nova.  It's would be like Bill Nye the Science Spies

    But I also adore the Miranda class because I love classic ships and I can not lie, you other Captains can't deny, when a ship flies in with two fine nacelles and a big old dish to swell you get *hyped!*

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  2. Quote

    Taybrim: I must let you all know that the information we are about to discuss is sensitive and classified.  It is to remain confidential between those in this room and only others who are on a need to know basis.  If anyone has any objection to this please let me know, now and I will make sure you are safely reassigned to non-critical duties.

    Maxwell: My turn tae stay behind and make the tea, aye?

    Stendhal: I can help with the tea, I’m quite good and  I love tea!

    Oh you guys... 😄

  3. ((IKS Vr'Chok. Negh'Var-class Attack Cruiser.))

    ((Location Unknown.))

    ((One month ago.))


    Plasma spewed from the stricken ship as blood flowed from a severed artery, the vessel slowly turning end over end as it drifted lazily. A few thousand kilometres distant, the secure transport it had been escorting was also drifting, having lost power from a well-placed battery of shots.


    He clasped his hands behind his back as he glared at the dying ship before them, before turning at pointing a deadly finger at the comms officer.


    Vrerik: Hail them.


    Comms: Yes, sir.


    A few moments later, the viewscreen changed to show a Starfleet bridge at Red Alert, sparks flew and smoke hung thickly in the air as a human woman stiffened to attention.


    Vrerik: I am Sub-Lieutenant Vrerik of the Romulan Imperial Navy. And I have some questions for you. ::His tone was calm, almost casual. As if he was making a call to an old friend.:: Firstly, may I ask to whom I am speaking?


    Roth: Lieutenant-Commander Inge Roth.


    Vrerik nodded politely, yet his smile was more predatory than friendly.


    Vrerik: And in what capacity do you serve, Commander Roth? I see you are wearing teal. You are a doctor I presume?


    Roth: I am. ::She nodded.:: I am both first officer and chief medical officer aboard this vessel.


    Vrerik: Where is your captain?


    Roth stood aside slightly, allowing the viewscreen to show a lifeless body slumped beside the command chair.


    Vrerik: Chief doctor, first officer, and now acting-captain. ::He clapped slowly, just short of being mocking.:: You have quite a collection of feathers in your cap, Commander. Very well. I shall ask you my important questions instead, as your captain does not appear to be in a conversational mood.


    His dark eyes twinkled with enjoyment as the woman on screen bristled slightly.


    Roth: What do you want?


    Vrerik: Want? ::He held a hand to his chest in a human gesture of hurt surprise.:: What do I want?


    He stepped closer to the viewscreen, his eyes narrowing and his lips curling slightly.


    Vrerik: I want Commodore Allan Kinney. That is what I want. You were escorting him aboard that transport, he is no longer aboard, and I want you to tell me where he is. Give him to me.


    Roth: Kinney? Never heard of him. We were just told to escort that ship.


    Vrerik: Do not play games with me, Commander. It will not end well for you or your crew. I have killed far more, for far less than what you can give to me.


    The officer on the screen took a step back, even as her eyes widened almost imperceptibly. She held her hands out, as if asking for mercy.


    Roth: We are no threat to you, and we have many wounded aboard. I do not know the name Kinney. We were told nothing about the passengers aboard that transport.


    Vrerik turned away from the screen for a moment, to the chief weapons officer.


    Vrerik: The boarding party has returned, yes?


    CWO: Yes, sir. The man Kinney is not aboard. Only thirty Starfleet crew and sixty-four prisoners.


    Vrerik: Then we have no further use for it.


    He gave a sharp nod to the chief weapons officer, and seconds later the Vr'Chok unleashed everything it had onto the comparatively tiny transport. The transport was wiped from existence, leaving behind almost nothing to indicate it had ever been there.


    Vrerik: I am sorry you could not be of assistance, Dr Roth.


    He gave another sharp nod to the chief weapons officer.


    Roth: Oh, sh- ::Panic set in as she scrambled to hit the nearest comms panel.:: =/\= Mayday! Mayday! This is the USS Bastille to anybody that can hear me! Mayd- =/\=


    The cry for help was shortlived as the small cruiser was blasted apart by the Vr'Chok once more unleashing its full armament of weapons. Closing his eyes and letting out a breath, he smiled to himself as an angry growl and the creaking of leather drifted towards him.


    General: You fool. Now we shall learn nothing from them!


    Vrerik whipped around like a viper ready to strike, and indeed he could have for he was already stood a hands width away from the General's face with a cold and murderous fire in his eyes. It was enough to even give the General a moments pause.


    Vrerik: Oh, but we have. We have learned everything we need to know from them.


    General: And what is it that we have learned?


    Vrerik: This was nothing more than a ruse. Commodore Kinney is still aboard Starbase 118, along with its meddlesome crew.


    He stepped back suddenly, clapping his hands together sharply and emitting a short maniac bark of a laugh. He turned away, heading for the General's chambers.


    Vrerik: Come, General Krala! The Circle will want to hear what we have to say.




    Sub-Lieutenant Vrerik.

    Romulan Imperial Navy Officer.


    Simmed by;


    Lt.Cdr. Arturo Maxwell.

    Chief Tactical Officer.

    Starbase 118 Operations.


  4. Quote

    Saveron: Certainly. And, Mister Skepus? ::He said in the same, mild tones.:: You will address me as Commander Saveron. That is an order. ::He might have been advising the other of some minor detail.:: Live long and prosper. ::He added.::


    Skepus: ::plainly:: Peace and long life.


    As Saveron left the prosecution’s office, he mused on the encounter, and how easy it had been to let Skepus work himself into both a state over the testimony, and a corner. That final order had been purely to tweak the man’s mood as he reviewed the interview. Either he would address Saveron by his rank at the trial, acknowledging his superiority, or he would be goaded into calling him ‘Mister’ again to make a point, demonstrating a flagrant lack of respect for both a senior officer and protocols, in front of the judge. 


    Either way, Saveron won. 

    because, yes, we *do* all want to see this beatdown

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  5. Quote

    Foley: Oh, surely you don't want to drop such a tantalizing hint and then depart?! Engineers thrives on problems to solve! Oooh, and regular maintenance. And free access to caffeinated beverages. And well-organized tools. But mostly problems! SOLVABLE problems! And I'm sure your conundrum qualifies!

    Did you say caffeinated beverages?  Sign me up!

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  6. ((Klingon Territory, IKS O'griss))



    Kregael: yaS! 'ar nI'qu' until latlh tlhIngan Duj ghom maH tlhIH'a'?! (Officer! How much longer until we meet the other Klingon ship?!)


    Morlic:::trembling:: It should not... be much longer… Our ship is unable... to get to its highest warp capacity. 


    Kregael: Get back up, you insufferable tribble maggot! Keep pushing forward! 

    P'leeta: The

    IKS Xiss is closer than we thought about a few lightyears away, sir. 


    Kregael: About damn time you give me some good news! ::snarls a toothy grin:: Open a channel! 



    Why aren’t they answering?! Launch a warning torpedo at the side of their ship. ::chuckles:: That’ll get their attention. 


    P’leeta: Do you think we need to decloak so we can get a better connection?


    Kregael: Gee, that sounds like a marvel idea! I’m sorry for thinking highly of my crew. I thought for sure YOU WOULD HAVE DONE IT ALREADY!


    P’leeta: All yours, sir.

    ((Klingon Territory, IKS Xiss))

    ::The Klingon woman warrior growled like a wild targ when the O’griss appeared and the proximity bells start to dings. Normally that would happened in case of an attack, maybe a rival house that wanted to hit the Councilor ship to kill him and take his place in the Council.::

    Kelas: Prepare for their boarding, we will defend until death the Councilor! Load the disrupters!!!

    We’ll reduce in ashes those honorless.
    ::She barked just a second before they opened a channel. After all they use to shoot before to say hallo.::


    Kregael: =/\= HoD Kregael to IKS Xiss =/\=

    Kelas growled again. 

    Kelas: =/\= Fek’hir is waiting for you in the Gret’hor! AK’tagh iihh yak a’ takk! Bahg! IK!! (What are you doing cloaked in our space?) =/\=


    Kregael: =/\= Isn’t it obvious that we’re about to meet one another? =/\=


    Kelas: =/\= Yes is obvious! Another second and we would destroy you! =/\=


    Kregael: =/\= Let me speak to Councilor Odex directly. I have no time to speak to a sogh. =/\=


    ::Kelas growled again, louder and showing not so kindly her teeth!
    She switched to the internal coms, kicking a console, like it would work better after that.::

    Kelas: =/\= Councilor, HoD Kregael is here!  =/\=





    Sogh Kelas Qevok  


    House of Hok'Moc 

    At the service of Councilor Odex

    IKS Xiss 

  7. Quote
    Sol downed the rest of her drink, setting the glass on the bar, next to the box containing her pip and her ribbon, studying them both. Maybe Dr. Foster had been right back in sickbay after they had gotten off that ice world. Sol looked up as the Captain stepped off the stage. What most of the crew probably hadnt noticed was that it was already preset with instruments, and now a band was making their way out on stage. There would be plenty of music and drink for the night. Hopefully the hangover the next day wouldnt be that bad for most of the crew.

    Very poignant!

    Also yes - one heck of a hangover!

  8. ((Bridge, Deck 1, USS Astraeus))


    Some of the crew had left already going on different assignments. Others were waiting to be transported. German wasn't due to leave for another few hours as he stepped into the bridge of the galaxy class starship one last time, placing his hand along the edge of the brightly painted wooden half oval panel. 


    He walked down the ramp brushing the soft wood and for a moment he didn't want to let go. Finally after a few moments, he took his hand away and then headed over to his station. 


    Delri’ise: You alright, sir?


    Galven: Just saying goodbye. ::turns to glance around:: She was a fine ship.


    Delri’ise: Indeed she was. There’ll never be another like her, she was one of a kind.


    The events unfolding around him was definitely going to be a memorable one. German had never served on a ship that was due to be decommissioned. He sat down and then downloaded the last bit of information of data on his work PADD that laid beside the console. 


    Galven. My next assignment is going to be Starbase 118 Operations. I've been there a few times training cadets, but it'll be a whole new experience. Where are you going?


    Delri’ise: ::recalling her orders.:: I believe I’m on the Thor over Duronis II. It’s a long way from here, over in the Beta Quadrant.


    Galven: ::nods:: That's a fine ship with a great crew. I doubt this'll be the last time we see each other. 


    Melody hadn’t said anything to that which made German glance over her way. It appeared that she was about to cry. He stood up from his seat and approached her extending his hand to give her an encouraging pat on the shoulder. 


    Galven: It was a great experience being here and it was definitely worthwhile. Starfleet has our best interests at heart. Whatever is next, just remember who you are. 


    Delri’ise: It ain’t gonna be easy. The Thor is a fine ship… but she’s no Astraeus. It’s been a fun ride, commander. 


    Galven: ::nods and turns his head to look out the viewscreen:: It’s always going to be one hell of a ride, lieutenant. ::turns his attention back to Melody:: Wherever you are. 


    Delri’ise: You better stay in touch, don’t hide away in that space mushroom. 


    He chuckled and then turned with a determined expression. 


    Galven: Don’t worry about that, Melody. I’m a “leap into the action” kind of senior officer. ::wry grin:: 


    The Kerelian hybrid let out a slight chuckle which German was hoping for. It was a somber event, but he wanted to make it a happy memory. This had been his first decommission, but heard far too many stories of officers resigning from Starfleet. 


    Delri’ise: I think the one thing I’ll miss most… is bein’ up here on the bridge. I’m gonna miss my little tactical console ::She gave her console an adoring rub.::


    A lot of that was true for German as well as he glanced over at his own science console. He already studied the Starbase and the layout of the thing was massive. There was an entire massive city just hanging out in the dome with lots of transportation hubs. He was looking forward to getting lost in there. There were a few other things that he wanted to tell Melody as he turned himself back around facing her. 


    Galven: ::clears his throat and furrows his brow:: One last thing before we separate, lieutenant? 


    Delri’ise: Of course, sir ::She nodded.:: I think we all need a few words of wisdom out there.


    Galven: As Admiral Kathryn Janeway once said, “I trust fear. Fear only exists for one purpose… to be conquered.”  Go and be fearful, Melody Delri’ise and show Admiral Turner what I’ve seen in you. ::extends his hand for her to shake:: A future commanding officer.


    Melody gave a crooked smile which German returned with a grin, but then some tears and heavy emotion came from her again which he could feel for the woman. Lael was the same way and she was taking the news the heaviest when she sent out a message to everyone that she was resigning as first officer to get more involved at the academy on Earth. Which was just as admirable as her XO assignment. 


    He was taken aback when Melody shook his hand, but then gave him an enormous hug which threw him momentarily, but he then wrapped his arms around her, giving a soft encouraging pat on her back. After a few seconds, they let go with German’s gaze still on hers. 


    Delri’ise: Thank you… Commander, for everything. As we say down in Brooklyn, go, kick some a#% out there. 


    Galven: ::laughs and arches an eyebrow:: You the same, Lieutenant. 


    Delri’ise: I’ll see you out there, Spaceman, may our paths cross once more. I’m sure Cap’n Taybrim will appreciate your hard work.


    Galven: There’s plenty of opportunity for it. Just remember to hold onto these special moments and live for them. 


    She turned and nodded, heading out of the bridge. German glanced around one last time and then sat down at his console, pulling out his PADD. He started a new entry, the last entry on the Astraeus. 


    //Chief Science Officer’s Log, Stardate 239611.25


    It was of great duty, service and honor serving aboard the USS Astraeus. Whoever listens to this when the new crew arrives and ventures out to the Eagle Nebula. I wish you all the good fortune. There’s great history on this ship. Continue on her legacy. 



    Lt. Commander German Galven

    Chief Science Officer

    USS Astraeus


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  9. Trophy Hunter
    ((Trezire, Ceata, Northern Exclusion Zone))
    In the glades of the north, far beyond the Acasa Region, snow fell out of colorful, cloudy skies. Next to an icy stream that led through a snow-clad forest, a Dokarran Elder named Yidian stood looking out towards a tall mountain of stone and ice. Through the gentle snow-fall, a red hot glow emerged in the distance, announcing the approach of a dragon. Yidian stood with arms spread out wide, waiting.
    A hurricane of wind swept over the icy stream, throwing snow into the sky and knocking Yidian onto her back. A smile spread over her face. A tremendous thud knocked snow off tree branches and this turned into the whooshing sound of the snow cover falling down to the valley floor like a tide washing over a beach. A series of thudding, ice crunching sounds approached. The ground shook.
    Standing up, Yidian looked out at a dragon with beautiful feathered wings, which had come to drink at the stream. She carefully approached the ancient beast, crunching through the snow, until it turned to look at her. Yidian knelt down and bowed her head. Reaching out with her mind, she touched The Lady, a giant Vizinyan Tree thousands of kilometers to the south. A pleasant murmuring was there, content, but still slumbering, immature and innocent. The dragon huffed out a puff of frozen air and lowered its head.
    Yidian climbed up onto the creature’s neck and found a secure place near the head of the dragon. A flurry of feathered wings threw ice and snow into the air. With a leap, the dragon flew into the colorful skies. Yidian watched the world down below grow smaller and smaller. The dragon flew higher and higher into the clouds, until after a time, they broke through the mist to emerge into the brightness that lived beyond the view of her kind. Yidian closed her eyes in ecstasy as warm sunshine tingled over her pale white skin. She spread out her arms and looked up at the white star that illuminated the tops of the multi-colored clouds below.
    A tiny dot appeared high up in the atmosphere. It grew larger and larger until it had formed into the silhouette of a starship. Yidian’s soul filled with wonder at the notion of traveling amongst the stars. It would be like living in glory and ecstasy inside the darkness of the void, far beyond her world and The Lady. It would bring the Veiling too. A vast separation from the communal minds of the Dokarrans. With the Veiling came freedom. The freedom to gather new experiences which might prove beneficial to The Lady and to the rest of her people.
    The silhouette grew larger. The beautiful feathered dragon called out to the winds and blew a huff of fire. The little starship answered the dragon with a beam of blue-white light. When the light touched the dragon, it screamed in pain. Yidian could feel the dragon’s heart fail as it was burned up by the light. Down, down, down through the multi-colored clouds fell the dragon. It smote the side of a frozen mountain, covered with snowy trees. The dragon slid through the forest, turning the side of the majestic mountain into a desolation of broken rocks and trees.
    Yidian emerged from beneath the gigantic corpse. Who had done such a thing?
    The hum and roar of the little starship flew overhead. Yidian did not look up but heard it land on the frozen ground among the trees. Some time after, she could hear the approach of a man, a human, crunching through the snow. Yidian had knelt down next to the dead dragon, placed a hand on its neck and let her sadness spill onto the feathered beast.
    The man approached, stopped and smiled. Among the vibrational sound complexes that came from his mouth, one word stood out in her mind: Trophy.
    Yidian watched as the man went up to the dead dragon while a hovering device recorded images and sounds of the disharmony which he’d brought down around the frozen forest.
    Rather than experiencing anger, Yidian considered what he had done. It was remarkable how a single action could cause such a tearing wound in a world full of harmony. Of course, animals had always killed each other, mostly for sustenance but humans had also hunted their own kind, like many of the “enlightened” beings that lived out among the stars.
    Cold curiosity turned into hunger, a need for greater understanding.
    Might there be value in the exploration of disharmonious concepts?
    Yidian had always sought to gather experiences that might prove useful.
    There was one experience which had never been fully explored by the Dokkarans:
    The man who slew the dragon ignored her. Perhaps he regarded her as any other plant, as if she were a bush or tree to be discounted. After some time, he departed in his little starship, flying high up above the multi-colored clouds. Yidian watched the silhouette shrink down to a tiny thing, which punched through the clouds on a journey back to the stars.
    Yidian chose to use vibrational sound complexes similar to what the human had used. For the first time in over two hundred cycles, she spoke.
    Yidian: I think I shall go to earth.
    Light Bringer
    Starbase 118 Ops
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  10. Quote

    Termine: It call's to mind the Klingon expression "Don't heed the wardrums until you see their banners and blades. If the Empire doesn't believe these rebels to be a threat they're happier to remain ignorant and cast aspersions rather than do anything proactive. I've read intel reports that suggest that says some of the chancellors think that doing anything proactive would be akin to meeting them in battle — Thereby elevating them to the position of a respected enemy. So, they sit in a self-made ignorance.

    That's it, Dante's writing the next ship report!  He gets it, perfectly!!

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  11. [Insert ‘Pink Panther’ theme here]
    ((Apartment Block, Deck 801, Habitat Zone, Starbase 118))
    The three Officers had mostly avoided contact with each other since arriving back at the base, apart from Lt. Cmdr. Hael’s party - which it would have been odd for them to not attend, or to be seen to be avoiding each other all evening.
    Now though, after finding out the location of Londonderry’s apartment, Gogi had called Malko and Dante and arranged to meet with them outside the block.
    It was, of course, an unassuming apartment block, one of the many apartment blocks that had been constructed to house Starbase 118’s many, many residents, in the uniform style that they had all been built in. A smooth white building, with nondescript, square windows on each of its several floors.
    Gogi’s access code had gotten them into the building and up to the 7th floor in the elevator, but as they stepped out onto the landing, their eyes were immediately drawn to the Starfleet Security Officer standing to attention outside apartment number 66.
    The stocky Bardeezan FO did not recognize the young, light-brown-haired, fresh-faced, Terran-looking man guarding Londonderry’s apartment and nor did he know of any order that had come from Captain Taybrim that the apartment should be guarded. Okay, he didn’t know absolutely everything that the Fleet Captain did, but he guessed he would have heard of something like this.
    Dante and Malko exchanged a meaningful glance of worry before Gogi frowned deeply as he cracked his knuckles and began to stride up to the guard. Malko and Dante followed, all three of them dressed in their duty uniforms.
    Fairhug: ::approaching the young man:: Good day to you…::making a show of looking at his pips::...Ensign…?
    The Ensign’s eyes widened as he took note of three senior officers suddenly standing in front of him. One dressed in a Medical uniform, one a Diplomat and this third, relatively short Officer with the long ginger hair was dressed in a Command uniform with Lt. Cmdr. Pips.
    Matterface: ::stuttering slightly:: M..Matterface, Sir. Ensign Matterface.
    Fairhug: Good day, Ensign Matterface. My colleagues and I require access to this apartment.
    Malko: Thank you for standing watch, who knows what ne'er-do-wells could have been coming around to stick their nose in.
    Termine: We’ll make sure to inform your  superior of your exemplary conduct.  :: Dante flipped through a PADD. In reality it just had economic data of the sector, but he knew that seeming like you knew more that you did was often an effective bargaining tool  ::
    Matterface: I...I’m sorry, Sirs, the access has been limited to priority Alpha One.
    The lines on Gogi’s weather-beaten brow grew even deeper, if that was at all possible, like the grooves of long-dried river beds in a dessert.
    Fairhug: By whom?
    Matterface: I...I can’t say, Sir.
    Malko shared a knowing look with the others - Alpha One? That seems like overkill for an engineer’s quarters. Something wasn’t sitting right with the counsellor. Dante stepped forward, if there was one thing he DID know, it was starfleet code and regulation.
    Termine: I admire your diligence Ensign, but Priority Alpha One security protocol can only be exercised in starfleet internal security matters. Although it will barr most non-briefed personnel...
    Without missing a beat Malko stepped in.
    Malko: Surely that doesn’t apply to the investigating officers...
    The young Ensign’s eyes were darting between the Officers as beads of sweat began to form on his forehead. He was rattled.
    Matterface: I’m s...sorry, Sirs. I’ve been given orders.
    Gogi stepped closer to the man, reaching up to put a calming hand on his shoulder. Dante looked down at his Padd again, presenting a face of irritation. If Malko was going to play the good cop, Dante was going to play bad.
    Fairhug: Okay, Ensign. It’s okay.
    The young man tried to calm his breathing.
    Fairhug: How long have you been on Starbase 118, Mister Matterface?
    Matterface: This is my third week, Sir.
    Fairhug: ::nodding knowingly:: Alright. Listen. I am Lieutenant Commander Fairhug, former Chief of Security of the Embassy of Duronis II, former Commanding Officer of the Iron Jaegers and current First Officer of this Starbase.
    Gogi was never one to pull rank or blow his own trumpet, usually, but occasionally, the situation called for it - and this was one of those situations. Malko held the elevator so no one could enter the floor as Gogi launched into his monologue.
    Fairhug: Now, I understand that you have been given orders and that you want to be seen to be obeying those orders. That’s a good thing. But let me ask you this; as First Officer of this very Starbase, do you think I would report you for allowing me to do my job?
    The Ensign’s expression changed to one of confusion, his eyebrows almost knitting together.
    Matterface: N...No, Sir…?
    Fairhug: Of course I wouldn’t!
    Gogi let out a hearty laugh, turning to Dante and Malko, to indicate for them to follow suit. Then he turned back to Ensign Matterface, his expression much more serious again, one of almost parental concern.
    Fairhug: But...might I report you for obstructing me from doing my job?
    Malko: It would be your obligation, I’d say. Your hands would be tied. :: to the Ensign :: He’s even reported me before.
    Termine: :: Dante tapped on his pad a few times before leaning into Gogi’s ear but speaking just loud enough for all to hear:: Need I remind you sir about your upcoming appointment? The ambassador would be insulted if we were late.
    Once again, Matterface’s eyes began to dart between the Officers. The boy looked like his mind had imploded with the difficulty of making this decision.
    Fairhug: Okay, let me make this easy for you, Ensign. Stand aside and let me and my colleagues here do what we have to do and nothing more will come of this...little incident.
    Gogi’s hand had been rested on Matterface’s shoulder this whole time, now he patted the man’s uniform, brushing some dust off of it.
    Fairhug: How does that sound?
    The young Officer, who had been standing at attention this entire time, let out a sigh and relaxed his posture.
    Matterface: Yes, Sir. I understand.
    Fairhug: ::patting the Ensign’s shoulder again:: You’re doing the right thing, Ensign.
    He turned to Malko and Dante and indicated with his head. Matterface stepped aside and they made their way into the apartment. Gogi poked his head round the doorframe one last time as he entered.
    Fairhug: Mister Matterface, inform us immediately if anybody else approaches.
    Matterface: ::snapping to attention again:: Aye, aye, Commander.
    ((PO3 Rickard Londonderry’s Apartment, Deck 801, Starbase 118))
    Termine: Nicely handled, but how could security be here already, and with such a high clearance level! I’m starting to think we’re not the only ones on the same trail.
    Gogi huffed through his nose. The Starfleet cover-up was already in full motion.
    Fairhug: Probably just some Admiral at Command making sure Londonderry’s myth is preserved.
    Malko: Myth of being loyal?
    Termine: We can look into who might have placed that order later, Malko and I can give face-of-the-matter back there a debriefing if it comes to it, but let's stay focused and search this room while we can. We might not have much time.
    Fairhug: Agreed.
    The three officers started to pace around the room. The quarters were small and sparse with only minimal personalization. This wasn’t uncommon amongst junior officers but something about it felt… off.
    Gogi looked around, immediately dismayed by the lack of potential evidence, but then, if someone had gotten there first, it was hardly surprising that the apartment had been “sterilised”.
    Malko: No garbage, no laundry, no spoiled food.
    After a good long while of searching Malko checked amongst every fold in the closet and Gogi opened every drawer Dante stood staring up at the ceiling.
    Malko: There’s almost no evidence that Londonderry even lived here anymore. It’s all been passed over.
    The Bardeezan looked up, unsure of what Dante was so transfixed by.
    Fairhug: Something caught your eye, Dante?
    Termine: ...Wha? Oh...  No it’s just that… Do you see those bolts holding that ventilation cover on?
    Malko: With enough force you can open those with a letter opener if you really need to… Just saying…
    Fairhug: Okay...
    Termine: They’re wrong.
    Fairhug: Wrong?
    Malko: ::quietly:: Not that I’ve had to...
    Termine: I mean, they’re wrong.  It’s only something a refurb crew would notice but those bolts up there… They should be self-sealing stem bolts but they’re not. They’re regular bolts that seem to have been made up to look sealed.
    Malko: Prophets - you’re right. They’re smaller.
    Fairhug: What do you think that means?
    Termine: well, it either means that there were supply issues during this room’s construction or… Somebody has used a blast torch to cut through the original bolts and put their own in so that they could open that cover without any trouble.
    Malko: Actually that sounds much easier than bending your good letter opener.
    Gogi stroked his beard in thought as he looked around. The only furniture in the room was bolted down and of course, none of it was near the ventilation cover.
    Fairhug: Okay, ::he looked at Dante, who stood a foot taller than him:: Dante, you’re the tallest, Malko…
    He made a gesture with his arm for the Counsellor to follow his lead as he crouched down to get on all fours.
    Malko: Careful now, Termine.
    Dante wobbled as he slowly rose into the air, supported on the backs of Malko and Gogi - the human pyramid swayed and lurched. Slowly, Dante brought his hand up to the vent covering having to stretch considerably to reach and began to pry at the bolts holding the panel on. Much to his surprise the panel, bolts and all, came crashing down on him just as he came crashing down on his friends.
    Rolling away from the heap onto his back, Gogi almost wanted to laugh. Maybe he would have under different circumstances. They must have looked quite the sight.
    Fairhug: ::standing up, brushing off his uniform:: Well, I hope that was worth it.
    Malko: And I hope nobody heard the raucous.
    Termine: Not elegant - but it worked and… what do we have here!
    Clipped into the back of the vent cover was a small silver tube, less than the length of a PADD stylus, with a blinking red light on it’s end and a single indent on it’s length.
    Fairhug: Some kind of tracking device...or…
    Malko: ...beacon.
    The Counsellor had taken the words out of his mouth. If it was a transponder, evidently whoever had been here before them had not been aware of its presence, as surely they would have removed it.
    Fairhug: There’s one way to find out, can we activate it?
    Malko: It looks to me like it’s already been activated...
    As simmed by
    Lieutenant Commander Gogigobo Fairhug
    First Officer
    Starbase 118 Ops.
    LTJG Malko
    Starbase 118 Ops
    Lt. JG Dante Termine                 
    Diplomatic Corps, Starbase 118 
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  12. Quote

    Foster: Ok, for starters – the Constitution had 42 decks and it was a pretty big ship.  The Apollo-A had 45 decks and it was a very big ship.  ::he paused for emphasis.:: This place?  It has two-thousand seven hundred and sixty five decks.  ::He emphasized each number with flair.:: Oh yes, he will freak out.

    ::Ah so it was the size. Size mattered to the EMH did it now? Rustyy smirked a little but his expression was one of care and familial humor.::


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  13. Quote

    Maxwell: Computer, why can I no get intae my office?


    Computer: The office of the Chief Tactical Officer, Lieutenant-Commander Artu-


    Maxwell: Aye, I know who he is. He's me. Open the door.


    Computer: Unable to comply. Alpha-Two Clearance is required to access this office.


    Max shook his head and laughed to himself.

    There was literally two people on the entire station with Alpha-Two clearance, and Max knew instantly which of the two was responsible for locking him out of his office.


    Maxwell: oO Alright, Sal. You win. Shore leave it is. Oo

    Dang skippy, Max!  😁

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  14. ((Student Dorms, Starfleet Academy Campus - Starbase 118.))

    It was early morning.

    Very early morning and Mareta really didn't want to get up. She had no classes today, and in theory her schedule was devoid of absolutely any activities – both social and study – save one.

    One that she couldn't have dreamed of in her studies last year.

    She lay there for a few moments, and then her alarm went off. A long sigh escaped as she hit the snooze button.

    It was on old 20th Century-style alarm clock that had been a gift from her cousin Arturo. A bit of an in-joke between the two of them when she had been getting ready to start her first year of study.

    Mareta was easily the least morning-orientated person in the galaxy and she sighed again as she rolled over and away from the alarm clock. Liva was still asleep, and Mareta snuggled in behind her as she tried to make the most of the ten minutes snooze time she'd given herself.

    Liva was her dorm-mate, best friend and “secret” partner. The two girls found the student are-they-aren't-they gossip quite amusing, and they ignored it as the free drinks and attention from some of the boys on campus was rather flattering.

    They had almost everything in common, even down to having relatives on the station. For Mareta, it was Arturo, and for Liva, it was Beatrice, her human half-sister.


    What felt like barely a heartbeat later, that infernal alarm clock was making its teeth-grinding Bzzt Bzzt Bzzt noise again and Mareta reluctantly rolled over to switch it off. This time, Liva woke up as well, and she sat up. Shuffling backwards, Liva leaned against the headboard and rubbed at her eyes.


    Liva: What time is it, Bee?


    Liva's voice carried a strong accent of her home in Kendra Province on Bajor, and Mareta's own voice gave statement to her own birthplace in Italy. It made for a strange yet gentle contrast of tones when they spoke together, although it didn't help whenever the two girls tried to practice the others native language. As a result, there had been many laughter and wine-filled nights in their room as the pair each butchered the pronunciations of a new language.


    Mareta: Seven thirty.


    A massive, cheerful smile spread across Mareta's face as she clambered out of bed and disappeared into the small refresher. Liva picked up her PADD from her bedside table and began to scroll aimlessly through the student news pages as she heard the shower start up. You never knew when you'd stumble across an unadvertised – but very useful – seminar by one of the Academy Professors, or even one of the stations senior officers. When she heard the shower cut out, and the sound of damp feet moving about, she put down the PADD and flopped forwards on the bed, chin resting on her hands, feet up and crossed.


    Liva: So what's got you so smiley this morning?


    Clad in a wrapped towel, Mareta reappeared, scrubbing away at her teeth and Liva waggled her feet slightly.


    Mareta: Nrp evry d'capn!


    Liva: What?


    Mareta: Mrtern d'capn tdy!


    Liva began to laugh, and waved Mareta back towards the refresher. A few minutes later she reappeared and sat down beside Liva, who sat up and crossed her legs. Mareta bumped her playfully with her shoulder, her broad smile appearing once more along with an excited sparkle to her eyes.


    Mareta: It's not every day you get to meet the Captain!


    Liva: Really!? Your placement was granted? ::She shuffled a touch closer and put her arms around Mareta.:: That's wonderful!


    Mareta: It's only one full duty shift every other week.


    Liva: But still, it's a full shift with the captain! Think about all the things you'll get to learn directly from an officer who's really done it all!


    Mareta smiled, giving Liva a hug in return before standing and heading for the far wall. She replicated a fresh uniform and pulled it on before moving to her bedside table and picking up the four elongated pips that marked her out as a final year Cadet. Liva hopped up and took her hand, before putting the pips on for her.

    A long hug later, and Mareta was off out of the door and on her way up to deck seven of the command tower, and specifically the office of Fleet Captain Sal Taybrim.

    As the door closed, Liva sat down on the bed again. What was she going to do with herself today?


    Her PADD pinged at an incoming message and she reached over for it. Thumbing it to life she raised a curious eyebrow at the screen.


    Message Received.

    Text Only.

    Sender; USS Narendra.

    Lt-Commander Gogigobo Fairhug.



    Cadet 1st Class Mareta Bianchi.


    Cadet 1st Class Liva Jardel.

    Starfleet Command School.

    Starbase 118 Academy Campus.


    Simmed by;


    Lt-Commander Arturo Maxwell.

    Chief Tactical Officer.

    Starbase 118 Operations.



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  15. Quote
    Malko: And when I asked for Chocolate Infinity Cake, the replicator must have misunderstood -because it began making 'infinite chocolate cake'. I attempted to verbally cancel the process, but it was locked in some sort of request loop - leeching energy from the floor. The pot-lights dimmed in my office menacingly. At first I tried catching the fountain of cake in whatever empty vessels I had around the office, but they quickly filled. By that time the cake had begun spreading across the floor. I rolled my pant legs and waded through the molten flow, armed with a decorative letter opener. By the time I got the access panel open, well, the cake was threatening breaching the room. I wasn't sure what I was looking at in there, but I steeled myself and flipped a bunch of breakers until I saw the cook light die out - and finally the cascade of cake ceased. Shovel by shovel, I packed the viscous maroon sludge into the refuse chute - and attempted to scrub any traces out of my office and skin with diluted cleaners I stole from the sanitation closet. Ultimately, I was able to dispose of the cake batter, but I could not disguise the incident or my shame. Please - have mercy. 

    Best.  Confession. Ever.

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  16. Quote

    Waiter: Hello good sir, what can we get you this fine morning. ::overly perky.::


    ::Rustyy cringed a bit. To early for someone ~that~ loud and cheery. He hadn’t had enough coffee to deal with the general public. Something he learned while working with the civilians in the commercial sector.::


    Hael: Coffee’s fine. 


    Waiter: Any creamer, sugar, spices -


    Hael: No - ::he cut the man off.:: Jus’ … coffee….


    Waiter: Alrighty, one plain Jane, nothing fun coffee. ::he tapped a Padd for the order.:: coming right up. 


    ::The man smiled while Rustyy mock mimicked the snarky waiter. He wasn’t exactly wrong after all.::


    Hael: Yea’ Yea’ Yea’, wha’evs. ::he huffed a chuckle.:

    Come on, coffee is *always* fun!

  17. ((OCC: This is the start of a mystery. The first 8 posts will set it up. After that, anyone who wants to join in can do so. This is Part 1 of 8 Flashback Scenes))
    ((Epsilon Argyros, Scylanthia, Alastriona’s Office – 239606.10 – Four Months Ago))
    ::And she finally stopped playing their song when she realized that she was dancing alone. 
    – Anonymous::
    ::Like a dying firestorm, the red star Epsilon Argyros began to set below the horizon, bathing the room with fading passion.  Alastriona looked up at her long bare legs, which were perched up on top of the glass table of her office, high above her homeworld, Scylanthia.  It was summer outside, and she had chosen a pair of jean shorts, a red t-shirt and sandals to wear.  Her pale skin warmed up nicely, even though the large glass windows were tinted.::
    ::The building hovered over two thousand feet in the air above the city Cleeia.  Outside, hundreds of multicolored balloon-like people – Scylanthian’s – drifted about.  She could see the beaches far below, near her house.  The ocean, tinted with a rainbow of colors cast down from the exotic atmosphere of the planet, turned cherry red as the sun fell into the sea.  A scattering of stars came out:  Theta Tauri, Gamma Tauri and Delta Tauri were first, followed by Epsilon Tauri and Aldebaran.::
    ::Alatriona leaned back in her chair, stretched out her arms, and yawned.::
    ::The computer was undeterred by her behavior.::
    Computer: The mass segregation of the star cluster is consistent with the observed distribution of stellar types – 
    DeTroyes: Ordinateur, arrêt. :: Another yawn filled her face. ::I’ve studied long enough today, ::she grumbled.:: 
    ::The computer’s refusal was simple.::
    Computer: Negative. ::The machine continued to drone on.::  Stellar evaporation occurs in the cluster halo as matter. . .
    ::Irritated, she dropped into English.::
    DeTroyes: Computer, halt!
    ::In a condescending tone, the computer argued,::
    Computer: The study schedule, programmed by YOU, continues for another two hours.
    DeTroyes: What’s with the attitude?  Ten hours is enough for today! ::she complained:: If  I can’t pass the science exams when I get to earth, maybe I’ll quit Starfleet altogether!
    :: She was grumbling, but knew the computer was right, or rather, she was right to have programmed the computer to try to force her to continue on.  She was a hundred and twenty years out of date.  It had been nearly a year since she’d asked for a leave of absence from Starfleet, so that she could study the current scientific theories.  It was so embarrassing to ask people such simple things as how to use a modern tricorder.::
    Computer:  Starfleet re-certification exams begin in 56 Earth days. Since you’re scheduled to leave on the transport La Fayette in thirty six hours, and it takes 53 days at warp 8 to reach Sol, it is advisable to . . .
    DeTroyes: I know!
    ::Exasperated, she reached over to shut the thing off, but she hit the wrong button and it triggered a very old message buried inside the computer.  Whispers came out of time, bringing back old memories.  It was the voice of her sister, Genevieve.::
    Genevieve: Alastriona, I don’t know if you’ll ever hear this message – Starfleet tells us that you’re science station at the edge of the milky way was destroyed, but I had a dream about you. . . . and I know that you’re still alive. . . .
    ::There was a pause where Alastriona thought she heard her sister crying.  Then Genevieve continued,::
    Genevieve:  I have some terrible news to tell you.  Everyone in our family is dead.  Both of our parents, our cousins – everyone – are gone.  They say that a curse killed them.  I’m leaving Scylanthia and moving to a planet called Bijou Bleu, which is in the Gliese 777A star system.  Hopefully, I’ll be okay there.  I wanted you to know so that you’ll be careful if . . . I mean, *when* you get back.  I hope this message really does reach you.  I love you. 
    ::Her sister’s words hit her like a thunderbolt. Alastriona felt a cold tingling sensation dribbling over her body.  Her parents, Telfour and Chantel were both dead.  All the rest of her family were gone too.  She knew that they were dead of course, since they lived a hundred years ago, but to hear the news that they had died prematurely, that they had never had a full life, was too terrible to bear.  The shock of it filled her with silence.::
    ::Occasionally, she had entertained the thought of trying to contact the descendants of her family, but never did so, feeling uncomfortable at the idea of getting to know her great-great-great-grandchildren.  But they had never been born.  Or had they?::
    DeTroyes: Computer, locate the DeTroyes family on Scylanthia.
    Computer: There is no one with that surname on Scylanthia.
    ::Alastriona put her feet on the floor and whirled to face the computer monitor, as if it was another person, listening to her shock and grief.  She shook her head. ::
    DeTroyes: Let’s make it simple.  Computer, take my Starfleet file and extrapolate all data for my relations and descendants.  Locate any of my living relatives in the Federation.
    Computer: Working. . .
    :: Alastriona leaned back in her chair, and looked down on the coastline near the city of Cleeia.  She had walked those beaches with her sister, so long ago. . . ::
    Computer: There are no matches to be found anywhere within the worlds of the Federation.
    :: It felt like someone had punched her hard in the stomach.  Alastriona felt dizziness whirling around and around.  Getting up, she grabbed the computer and threw it at the window. ::
    DeTroyes: NO!
    ::The monitor bounced off the glass, which had been reinforced against the storms of Scylanthia, to keep out the sometimes poisonous gasses that drifted down from the more dangerous bio-zones above.::
    DeTroyes: What happened to them?
    :: But the computer was silent.  It lay in ruin on the floor of her office. ::
    ::Genevieve’s message had been like a death knell.  Was it some kind of disease or was it really some kind of curse, laid onto their family by some angry mystic?  Alastriona walked over to a white couch and dropped onto it.::
    DeTroyes: Superstition and nonsense.
    ::If it was some kind of familial plague, was she infected?  Could she become infected?  How long did she have?  Shaking her head, Alastriona didn’t really care if she died.  She began to cry.  All that her family was, all that her family could have been today, all that they might have been, were gone.::
    ::Truly, Alastriona was alone.::
    Ensign Alastriona De Troyes
    Science Officer
    Starbase 118 Ops
    ((Disclaimer: All wicked, evil, dastardly comments by Alastriona are purely IC.))
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  18. ((Secondary Sickbay – USS Narendra))

    Malko: First thing's first, we need to find out how much Fairhug knows - and what the situation is on the bridge. For all we know they could be locked in combat with them now.
    Termine: Malko Are you thinking what I'm thinking? 
    ((Deck 2, Jefferies tube – USS Narendra))
    Termine: Oh quit your whining, neither of us are equipped for a battle and we seem to have good luck in small tubes.
    Malko: I hope you know where you're going, the last time I followed you into a Jeffries I landed in hazardous material disposal. Prophets - I sound like B character in a fantasy movie. Also, do we need to crawl?
    Termine: That's true, it does make me feel a bit like a hamster… But it's our best shot at seeing if Fairhug is on the bridge and keeping safe — Ah! Here it is, the ladder to deck one. come on, keep it up doc, 
    Malko: Why don't you let me peek first, you're still wearing a diplomat uniform - they'd take you hostage on sight. 
    Termine: That's not a bad idea - But hold up one second I think we're nearing the bridge!
    They were thankfully only a few feet from the bottom of the ladder when the explosion pitched the ship sideways and the two slid off the slick aluminum alloy and into the catwalk below. Geysers of steam puffed intermittently as pressurized energy sources were damaged and diverted. 
    Termine: Holy hell!! they're shooting at us. We need to get out of here!
    Malko: Stay down - and look for an access panel.
    Almost galloping on all fours, the counsellor scrambled behind Dante as he combed the well of the tube for some blades of light peeking in from the exterior. Dante swivelled and plunged his boots into the screws of a panel - it's bent form gave way and the officer slid out the hatch.
    Termine:  *cough cough* Err…. Lietuenant JG Dante Termine reporting for duty. sir. 
    Malko could hear Dante speaking to someone, but couldn't make out who it was. 

    Fairhug:  ?


    Termine: Well, just trying to play catch up sir - it looks as if you've got everything sorted out here.

    Sliding face first out of the hatch onto the bridge carpet, Malko did his best to hold his medical gown shut with one hand and salute with the other. If he only had a third to keep a grasp on his composure... 
    Malko: Ha ha! Yes, sir - we came to make sure you're OK. And now that we see all is fine...
    Termine: Ah! Sorry, Malko is here too. Not exactly the entrance I wanted to make but, I guess the team's all back together again huh? 
    Malko: Yes, it had dawned us we had been infiltrated, too. We had some theories about isolating the breach and getting to the bottom of how this all happened.
    Termine/Fairhug: ?
    Malko: With some cross-referencing of ship registry timelines pre and post intervention on the cult attack of Gorn, as we as some more detailed information about the status of the Narendra's Sickbay and its patients at the time of the... incident... we believe we can move to a better understanding of todays' events. 
    Termine/Fairhug: ?
    Malko nodded at Dante, maybe their shore leave wasn't going to be a break from work after all...
    Malko: Understandable, we are eager to help anytime. 
    Termine/Fairhug: ?
    Malko: Thank you, sir. We will leave you be... Termine, we can use my office - I need a change of clothes, anyway. 
    Malko half bowed and gestured to the turbolift, backing out of the controlled chaos that was the bridge. Even in the midst of a crisis, the bridge crew volleyed tasks like a professional sports team - beginning to rebuild Malko's sense of safety he hadn't felt since the crash. 
    ((OOC: wrapping up for shore leave, but we can continue this subject later!)


    LTJG Malko
    Starbase 118 Ops
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