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  1. Taybrim: ::He put a hand to his chest in mock-shock:: Any rumors of my addiction to breakfast pastries is highly overstated.
  2. Taybrim: Moron. I just loved that... I smiled from ear to ear lol....
  3. Watching ghost shows, I will get all spooked out and wont be able to sleep lol.... Happen every time.

    1. Selene Faranfey

      Selene Faranfey

      I can't watch them at night for the very same reason, usually during daylight, and then need something I consider fluff afterwards, like a Disney movie. Maybe that will help?

    2. Lt. Cmdr Baylen Anders

      Lt. Cmdr Baylen Anders

      Lol funny how the mind plays tricks on us after watching stuff like that lol

  4. I am not a fan of having to pay to watch it. Because I already pay for cable, Netflix and Amazon Prime and so on, so having to pay CBS a monthly fee does not set well with me. I also like the JJ Trek Movies as a stand alone movies (I have pretend there just sci fi not trek) So I would really hate if CBS tries to run on that, and I am thinking that is what they want seeing how there hiring Bad Robot guys. I would hope that CBS would launch a forums to ask what the fans want and then listen to them. I know we all don't want the same thing but from what I read I know a lot of people do not w
  5. Sal: = ::He found himself grinning equally widely at that, and for a moment he wondered keenly what Commander West would look like running about in his underwear. Perhaps if he was a better telepath he would have been able to glean a mental image from the conversation, but instead he was left with only his imagination running wild.::
  6. What a beautiful cool day out side. Its so nice to not be in the upper 90's for once. Yay Fall!!!

  7. Handley-Page: =/\= Page to Commander Taybrim. Your Captain has returned… =/\= Made me think of the line "Honey I am home" I can just see the Captain taken off his top coat and setting down his briefcase and hanging up his hat as he puffs on his pipe. Lol
  8. Taybrim: Tip-toe, [...] foot. Let’s not rock the boat, literally. That said, the Arrow Class has extra shield generation capabilities and we may be able to augment the Cerberas with our power, for a short time.
  9. Hot... Cold... Hot... Cold.. Whats up with the weather? I am going to end up sick!

  10. Matthews: Ion storm with a chance of star ship showers. Strange weather we're having.
  11. Looks like today is going to require lots of coffee!!!

  12. Sun: Now we both have a fox I found to be very funny
  13. You got: Beverly Crusher You are the perpetual caretaker in your group of friends, sometimes to the peril of your own health. You likely have a long-term unrequited romance with a good, close friend, so you should probably just tell that person how you feel already. Also, you’re probably (secretly) a great dancer.
  14. I am so ready to go, I keep running and looking at my emails to see if it was started yet.... I am so ready lol
  15. I cant wait to start, I have been in 118 before and it is the BEST out there. I made Lt. Commander and hated to leave. I lost my job due to downsizing at work and so one of the bills that had to go was internet :-( but I am back and I cant wait to get this party started :-)
  16. I have loved getting to chat with you... Your a great add to the whole fleet

  17. when you reporting back to station buddy

  18. it was really good, its on Epix on demand, I really enjoyed it
  19. thought I would drop by and say hello buddy

  20. we must blow up the forums again sometimes lol

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