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  1. ((Main Convention Center - StarBase 118)) ::He had just broken away from a pleasant conversation with Ian West about the unpleasant subject of how exactly were tribbles sterilized. Sal shivered. No conversation should include the words 'gonad irradiation' without copious amounts of alcohol. As a reaction, he straightened himself and eased a genial, diplomatic smile across his features while pushing the particulars of tribble breeding out of his mind. This little chance in stance seemed to draw attention to him, as he stood out in the sea of well dressed partygoers. Soon afterwards a Khobeer
  2. ::Is walking on sunshine!!!::

  3. Malinov: oO "Not long enough" Oo "Madame Lurtz. you look...." oO Ridiculous! Oo "... radiant as ever."
  4. Lt. Commander Whittaker: The Great Snowball War of '92
  5. Whittaker: "I want to conclude with a quote from a leader on Earth. He once said that 'this is a time for heroes' and in my eyes- that's exactly what we will do. We will do what is hard, we will achieve that which is great. This is a time for heroes and we will reach for the stars. Whatever gods you worship bless you, whatever gods you pray to bless this station and whatever gods you believe in bless the United Federation of Planets. Thank you."
  6. Its all about the Risian Dress Whites!!!!

  7. Flynn: ::Adopting a look of puzzled amusement:: Don’t they always say that saving a pug is the key to true love? ::He shrugged with a small smile and looked away evasively, not sure he was ready darken their enjoyable reunion.:: They are okay I guess...
  8. Flynn: ::Leaning forward, looking amazed:: Wow, sounds like quite a catch. If only we could combine these two gentlemen we might have one hell of a specimen. ::He smiled:: Though I have a feeling you would agree that our own respective individuals are perfect just as they are.
  9. Flynn: ::Taking his drink gratefully.:: An officer I met on Columbia. Really a sweetheart, and his hair had magical powers of always looking awesome. Couldnt resist! ::He paused in reflection:: I admit, it’s the first time I ever really connected with someone at that level.
  10. Well that was a waste of a minute and a half hi can actually say that I'm not looking forward to that movie at all and very sad that these are the people to bring back Star Trek to TV.
  11. Gov: :: mock umbrage :: "I'm the owner!" :: to Anders, suspiciously :: "Who the hell are you? His boyfriend?"
  12. Lieutenant Whittaker: "Where Everybody Knows Your Name"
  13. Tatash: I don't know, fly casual? My favorite Star Wars Line, I love it.
  14. Lieutenant Whittaker: Flirting In The Face Of Danger
  15. ((Bridge - USS Albion)) ::There comes a time when life slows to a standstill, and the hyperactive brain starts making commentary on the action around you. Something in the subconscious becomes a play-by-play announcer, wondering if this next decision will be the thing that propels you to victory or kicks you into the void. Sal felt like he was on a see-saw, balancing on a highline several hundred meters above a hard concrete. One wrong move and everything would tumble, and he would end up a meaty vaguely Betazoid-shaped smear on the pavement of history. Despite that, his resolve was solid.
  16. Falcon: oO I am a black belt in Starship Jujitsu, and don’t you dunderheads ever forget it! Oo
  17. ::They had been waiting, ready to catch the Albion in the most limited position possible. Mines to the left of her, jokers to the right... stuck in the middle was not a good position.:: Via Sal Taybrim
  18. Falcon: We don’t need full power, just enough to maneuver. Think of it like… marshal arts. Jujitsu with starships. Stormcrow pushes, we use that force against them and throw them into the field.
  19. ::As the Commander was talking, a giant Gorn entered the bridge. Trellis turned to look at the large creature. His first reaction was to tense in fear then, seeing the Starfleet uniform, to relax.::
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