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    Reading, coffee, eating, traveling, my loving partner and my dog and cat are a few.
    I build and paint models, I love doing that.
    I am a huge reader, my study has more books than barns and noble these days lol
    I enjoy cooking and football

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  1. It's always awesome when you realize your complete life has been an absolute failure...

  2. Hey there, I remember these on the old Forums many years ago lol

  3. ::Is walking on sunshine!!!::

  4. Its all about the Risian Dress Whites!!!!

  5. Watching ghost shows, I will get all spooked out and wont be able to sleep lol.... Happen every time.

    1. Selene Faranfey

      Selene Faranfey

      I can't watch them at night for the very same reason, usually during daylight, and then need something I consider fluff afterwards, like a Disney movie. Maybe that will help?

    2. Lt. Cmdr Baylen Anders

      Lt. Cmdr Baylen Anders

      Lol funny how the mind plays tricks on us after watching stuff like that lol

  6. What a beautiful cool day out side. Its so nice to not be in the upper 90's for once. Yay Fall!!!

  7. Hot... Cold... Hot... Cold.. Whats up with the weather? I am going to end up sick!

  8. Looks like today is going to require lots of coffee!!!

  9. I am so ready to go, I keep running and looking at my emails to see if it was started yet.... I am so ready lol
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