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  1. Mostly it is loss which teaches us about the worth of things.

  2. Logic is the beginning of wisdom, not the end.

  3. ::Cadet Vanessa Driscoll was slowly stepping out onto the transport platform. She had a grey-white, standard Starfleet bag over her shoulders carrying her most important belongings with her. The young human woman had never really been attached to many things, so she was travelling light. Some other cadets in front of her headed towards the commercial area of Starbase 118. As she still had a few hours until she had to report to the holodeck, she decided she would just follow that direction.:: ::Vanessa had been quite silent during the flight, which was really unusual for the young woman. Normally she was quite talkative, sometimes perhaps even too chatty and she never had any difficulties joining up with others or socialising with other people. But today she was dog-tired and not really in the mood for conversation, which she blamed on the farewell party with her friends from the Academy. They all didn’t really have much sleep last night, but it had been the last evening together before they parted in all different directions and sections of Federation space and Starfleet. And no one knew when they would be able to see each other again. But even more important than the lack of sleep last night was the lack of coffee, her favourite drink and elixir of life.:: ::When she eventually spotted a little café, she smiled and headed towards it. Just a short moment later, she was sitting at a small table with a hot, steaming cup of black coffee in her hands.:: oO Finally Oo ::Satisfied, she leaned back in her chair watching the people stroll by the numerous shops. As she sipped her strong, black drink, her spirits were revived and her mood was lifted again considerably. Now she felt ready to have a closer look around those shops and eventually head to the holodeck for her cadet cruise::
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