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  1. ((Docking)) ::As Croton stepped off the transport he felt just like his father who was a Ensign who died in battle. Croton was a Risian and was very brave and creative. Croton was wearing his cadet uniform when he stepped off. He headed to sign in and he hoped that he could do the best as his father did.:: Receptionist: "Oh hello, you must be Croton right?" Croton: "Yes, that's me." Receptionist: "Oh good, I just need you to sign here and here" ((Hallways)) ::As Croton began to head for where the cadets sleep he ran into another cadet which was a Vulcan named Valen.:: Valen: "Hello my name is
  2. Hello everyone! My name is Colin and I'm 14 and have Aspergers/Autism. Right now I'm going to be a freshmen in High school. Also, I live in California.
  3. Nevermind guys! I've decided to be a Risian! I like relaxing and being creative so I think this species would be perfect for me!
  4. Ok. I wasn't sure if there was a Romulan Republic yet. or not. I just got the info off of sto and i couldn't find what the date of sto was. Anyways, Can I be a Romulan that wishes to be good? KInd of like what Idril Mar said...
  5. Can I make a Romulan from the Romulan Republic join the Federation?
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