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  1. ((Luxury Suite, Menthar Anchorage)) ::Sorel watched as B’horn and MacNickols pulled the minibar replicator in the rear of the apartment apart. The main one in the lounge might have been easier, but the last thing she wanted was Tol walking in and finding Anil hooked up to the thing’s computer system.:: ::She’d managed to keep him out of the Ferengi’s sight so far, and wanted it to stay that way. The nanotech implants in Anil Tain’s brain were illegal in multiple jurisdictions, and thus exceptionally rare anywhere near space controlled by most of the major powers. She didn’t like to think what
  2. Previously on StarBase 118: Mercury... 2392: "Allah Yerhama"2404, Parts 1 and 2: "The Life After" And now the continuation... Dr. Del Vedova and LtCmdr Rahman: Definitive Diagnosis "Do not be afraid; our fate Cannot be taken from us; it is a gift." —Dante Alighieri, Inferno (( Sickbay, USS Mercury, 2390 )) :: Del was a pacer only in the most extreme of situations, and considering what he was about to do to his friend -- probably his best on the Mercury, given how little he saw Aron these days, and how (literally!) old he'd become -- he thought that this situation qualified. He almost wante
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