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  1. A'ern, you do have a point, but no one on my ship has seen any combat since I've joined. Not that it's been dull! It just seems that SB118 focuses on plot, development, and exploration more than hack and slash. That, in my mind, is a wonderful thing. :-D
  2. I joined back in August. I'm not really a combat heavy rper either. I much prefer character development and exploration. That's not to say I won't ever, and I don't mind combat rp from time to time, I just don't want it to be the combat channel: all combat, all the time. I've yet to be involved in any sort of combat rp at all. Since I'm coming up to my third month here, I'd say that this fits my criteria and yours.
  3. Just finished a news article. Pondering my November publicity article.

  4. So little sleep...why can't my baby sleep?

  5. I both love and hate Tuesdays!

  6. Any tips for getting a 1 year old to sleep through the night? Mine seems to be hesitant to do so!

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