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  1. I have the scene where Harry Potter, Hermione, and Ron are all under the invisibility cloak in my head. Harry Potter in space?
  2. I thought this was a wonderfully written fight scene and I love the tidbits of Tatash we see in here. There is a warning below, however. Still, a great fight scene, even if it's quite violent. ((OOC: Putting a strong Content Warning: Violence on this. It is quite bloody. Also sorry for the confusion earlier I posted an unfinished article whoops)) ((The Waiting Room)) Crunch. That was the sensation Tatash felt as he was thrown back against the wall by the almost impossibly sized Klingon. Whatever it was that just snapped in his back would have to wait as he forced
  3. You know what your mama said about poking things with sticks!!!
  4. Welcome Scotty! So glad to have you with us!
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