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  1. A few comments on this, made in the best interests of pouring oil on troubled waters. Firstly, to xoet (who I keep wanting to call zoet for some reason). The comment about Sanskrit poetry was an observation only. I've not read the original myself (sanscrit's a hard language... and two foreign languages are my limit, thank you very much... although I can order a beer in at least a dozen.) But I have done a fair bit of travel, and it did remind me of some translations of some of them. Still, I'm glad you found my comments, on the whole, helpful. Yes to rewrites! Yes yes yes!!!! Toni: I w
  2. These are the reviews from last month's challenge. Sorry it took a few days to get them to you all. Captain Rhys ------- A window of time, by Lieutenant Xoet Interesting. In reading it, I was reminded of the Sanscrit lyric poetry type, the Kavya. I'm not sure if this is what you were going for, but the resemblances are remarkable. Then again, there are other aspects of interest, common to some modern western literature, for example, the shape of the blocks of text themselves. The one in post #5 with a wedge shape is too obvious to be a mere coincidence. The stream-of-consciousness writing
  3. Well, winners have been tallied up. They should be on here in the next day or so. Commander Rhys Writing Challenge Judge
  4. Dear Ensign Turner You misunderstood me. I did not say that shorter entries should not be accepted. Nor was it my intention to dissuade anyone from joining. Neither did I suggest that a shorter entry cannot win or be considered a competent entry. Just that the entries that have won in the past have tended towards the Despite what you may have understood from my above post, I am a great believer in concision both in writing and in sim. I am also a great beliver in using all available resources be they the crew of our ships or a word limit of 3000 words. As Admiral Wolf said, a shorter en
  5. As one of the judges, I think I can answer both questions. Firstly, the new contest closes, I believe, on the 20th, so we'll be judging after that. Secondly, a minimum word count. No there's no minimum word count. There's no minimum word count in a university essay either. But turning in less than the full amount is tantamount to asking for a reduction in a grade. In the four or five competitions I've judged, not one who's won has had a noticably short entry. My advice is: put the work in, and ensure you've covered the topic as well and as descriptively as you can. Often, as is the cas
  6. Interestingly, it doesn't say Warp technology doesn't exist. It just says that the writer is without it...
  7. The judges decision is due today, so your respective waitings will be over shortly. After that, the next topic is decided, and we start all over again. And, by the way, the standard of writing here just gets better and better. Almost all of the entries could have won the writing challenge at any other time Well done to all of you, and keep up the good work! Even at the expense of making our job harder. Commander Rhys Writing Challenge Judge
  8. I just finished watching Enterprise. Gotta admit, I really liked it, and (this is speaking personally, so don't flame me) don't see too many problems with its alterations to the timeline. Ok, so Spock was supposed to be the first Vulcan, and in Ent, T'pol was. This is fiction people. Intelligently written, mostly consistent fiction. Trip and the Doctor were fantastic in the roles, and the others were absolutely at the level of the other series. Pity they only did the four seasons. So, I'm with you Idril!
  9. In point of fact, it was a very tough decision. None of the three judges voted the same way, and we eventually compromised by awarding a points system. Congratulations to all participants and well done to the winners. Keep up the very high standard! Cheers Rhys
  10. You know, if I get an essay in that goes over the word limit, I make a red line and don't mark anything beneath that line.
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