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  1. ((Here… But not really… )) ::Even though my parents never married, I knew that they loved me and each other. I wanted for basically nothing, only the desire to see each more, but I understood at a very young age that a person's duty bound them to things. Despite that, I knew that their bond with me was stronger, their duty as my parents, and it never had to be vocally stated. It simply was.:: ::I was sheltered to an extent as a child. We would spend almost every Christmas in a cabin in the Rockies, removed from Starfleet and duty, huddled in our winter coats, watching the snow, and sitting b
  2. I did fan art of specific UFOP characters back during my Independence days that you welcome to use. I think there may be some lingering on the wiki somewhere of Anassasi and Rocar, perhaps others.
  3. (( Commander Brunsig's Stationside Quarters )) ::Methodical. Organised. Cuff links right side in. Cuff links left side in. Pull formal jacket on and tug at sleeves. ::Look in mirror. Straighten formal jacket. Frown. Pick up comb and straighten down two tufts of hair that keep threatening to make you look like the devil. While you're at it, check hair for grey. ::Turn around, and let the music take you. Barak-Kadan, the veritable Don Giovanni of Klingon Opera. After a minute, speak.:: Brunsig: Computer, music off. ::The music abruptly stops. One more look in the mirror, then turn and leave.:: (
  4. (( Holo Ballroom, 1928 hours )) :: Michael walked away from Santa Clause and his companion and headed towards the centre of the room. He noticed what looked to be Tinkerbell. Her blue eyes shone through her ice green mask brightly. :: Ice Prince: ::extending his hand and speaking in an Italian accent:: Vuoi ballare con me? (Would you like to dance?) Snow Tink: I'd love to! :: She reached out and grabbed Michael's hand quickly as she turned around to glance at a woman wearing a white dress with hints of purple, blue, silver and crystal shimmering accents translucent wings. The handsome Sicilian
  5. (( Holodeck One )) :: She waited just outside of holo-deck one for the doctor to arrive. She had said she wanted it done and over with which had disappointed Emmalyne a bit. After all, she used to be a counselor; you would think she would be more willing. Oh well, perhaps there was a reason she left counseling. Why did everyone wish to avoid evaluations and counselors, she wondered. Sometimes she felt like a pariah. She grinned and tossed her head a bit saucily. No matter, she loved her job and was able to help a lot of people as well as maintain the mental health of even more that the
  6. ((Starboard Umbilical, DS-285)) ::Tyr watched as Toni said goodbye to the crew. He stood quietly, unassumingly, off to the side, obscured behind one of the bulkheads and with his head lowered. His long hair obscured his eyes, which were focused on the floor. He knew that the news he'd broken to her...perhaps that was the best word to use-broken...had shaken her to her core. Still, bravely, she had the strength to say goodbye to those she had served with, and to his surprise, the strength to speak with him as well. When she approached him, he looked her squarely in the eye, attempting to gauge
  7. This is a well written sim; the emotion can be felt while reading it. Great piece of work!
  8. ((Risa)) ::It was there last night on Risa. Emirry had had a wonderful, fulfilling trip. She had shopped with Arista, danced with Jayda, and gone down to the shore with Ashley. Nothing could make for a better vacation. Well, almost nothing...:: ::On this cool night, Em could be found in her hotel room, lounging on the balcony. It was nice, but a little boring. She wanted to go do something tonight. It felt anticlimactic to just lay there. No matter how beautiful the Risan evening was.:: ::Going back into the main part of her room, she slipped off her sun dress and put on her new monokini she h
  9. ((The Eagles Nest - USS Eagle (Starbase 118) )) ::After Captain Taboo had given his speech he approached Victoria and Lah'rel after speaking to some of the crew on the way, when he reached them he simply smiled warmly nodding to his Ex First Officer... :: Taboo: How are you feeling Victoria, you look much better than the last time I saw you... Yladro: :: Quickly Poking her tounge out..:: It was touch and go there for a while, Doctor MacGowan said they lost me for a while back there... Keely: Again... It's a miracle this girl is still alive after what she's been through Captain... ::D
  10. ((Promenade - Starbase 118)) :: Daydan touched his cheek softly, the gentle loving kiss that Emirry had put on him only minutes ago still felt like she was still there, the warmth of her breath, the tenderness of her kiss... He looked up sensing a cold presence approaching him, he could sense SFI a mile away, they had an in human sense of being, it was as if they just didn't care.... Taboo pretended not to notice him approaching and continued to watch some children in the park below chase Finches through the trees...:: Ravenswood: Well well well, if it isn't the do gooder.. Why has
  11. There is an amazing amount of talent here and it is good to see that we can appreciate each other’s work. Controversy aside of who nominated what, truth be told, if I was nominated or I nominated myself, I would be more inclined to vote honestly to the piece that I felt most deserving. And, since I am overcritical of myself, I would more than likely vote for someone else (I can guarantee you I would). I believe this is a great way to showcase what talent we have here and every ship deserves recognition. Unfortunately, I do not have the time to read posts from other ships and this gives me
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