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  1. Discovering an Inheritance by Captain Tyr Waltas A ships log, nice touch Tyr, it is funny how something that as a Captain we do every day can cast such a long shadow, it makes us realise how insignificant we are, and yet we can touch history, what one person can achieve, I liked that Tyr took the story away from himself thinking about the people who had touched his life and put their mark on history... In UFOP we are explorers looking at the great unknown to inspire us, but rightly so, we are still such a mystery to ourselves, what drives us, what paths our own desires take us on.... Nice
  2. The Eagle’s Cry The Eagle’s Nest was the chosen name given to the recreation area of the Starship known as the USS Eagle, the eagles nest was a space set aside for all the ships ranks and guests, it consisted of a well stocked bar, food and drinks replicators, and a small kitchen area. Several well placed tables and chairs in order to both give the best viewpoints of the view out of the viewing windows and the other seating areas to help set a mood of calm relaxation. There were one or two other blind spots that gave that little bit of extra privacy for those occasions that needed it, t
  3. The Good Ship Hospitality by Jackford B. Kolk To say it was an amusing story would be an understatement, I think a twisted almost excited grin etched it's way onto my face with in minutes of starting to read the story, either that or my notion that where ever Farengi are involved there is going to be mischief, and I wasn't disappointed either, I liked the characters descriptions, and on a few occasions the glances between them... It is not easy to let the ideas of a story unfold without just using the words we write, but there was an underlying feeling all the way through of how the story w
  4. Sky/Paradise Portal Outlet, Hospitality? I think the writer delights in his use of words, it is easy to see that they are chosen with care, and some of the words that are needed have not yet even been created... The story rolls out between the characters who seem to delight in philosophy and free thinking, something that most still struggle to understand, although choppy in some parts Xoet has tried hard to try and deliver the story that he had in his mind as best he could, I think the style of your writing is still very unique, [erhaps to unique, but as the Admiral states, these are our op
  5. Test of Loyalty, by Toni Turner A difficult subject, a few writers had the same sort of idea but each tackled it differently.. I liked the idea of putting it into a sort of diary form.. It works quite well.. I found myself reading it back and forth several times, reading over the last paragraph again prior to moving on, I pride myself on being able to anticipate the writers intentions, and while towards the end I had a good idea of the out come I was intrigued with, "So that's why you had me spying on Dad. I thought you were testing my loyalty. Gees Captain, you had me thinking he was
  6. Secrets and Lies, by Elisa Verde (Lt. JG Karynn Ehlanii) Very difficult this time around to say the least, I take my hat off to everyone that took part.. Your story lines were so different than what came to my mind on reading the brief, but very enjoyable reading all the same.. Poor Korel, no wonder he was feeling paranoid... I felt for the guy myself and was almost reluctant to get to the end, but you just had to know... I think in private he will make her promise to never do any more surprise parties ever again... It was a hard topic but I think the way you kept it moving was a go
  7. Els by Jhen Thelev Els, a good story with a nice idea, I remember reading it over two or three times, each time I was imagining my own twists and turns.. The Farengi was a good touch, I must confess he added a little venomous humour to the tale... I wanted to understand more about how their little girl had integrated into Bajoran life.. One of those stories where each paragraph leads you into asking even more questions, for a book, it is a great way to reel in your reader, but for a short story I think it makes the reader think that they have missed something.. I did enjoy the story,
  8. The Most Important Day of Your Life, (besides being born) By Rama.. Started off nice and was a good read all the way though, no twists or turns just the same kind of talk between a father and daughter probably since time began. I liked how even though she was adamant that she wanted to pursue her own goals that she still respected her farther in every way... There is a hint of the adventurer in this young lady, she likes to push herself and continue to exceed her own expectations, I liked the first two paragraphs, for me I knew I would enjoy the rest of the story.. What I thought the pie
  9. (( Sceptre Academy - Vatican City Rome - Earth )) ::The robed guildsman walked quickly through the shadowy halls of the Sceptre buildings, they were dark cold and uninviting places, their Gothic columns rising up into the sky like razor sharp teeth.. The city was as old as the stones it stood on and more.. It had been a struggle to get this far but he was nearly there, one more obstacle stood in his way... His mind was almost a blank as he could feel mental probes coming in from all directions, he was no novice at this task, he would succeed or die, he had to, the safety of his own belief
  10. Well done everyone who posted a SIMM, this is the best turn out I have ever seen for a writing challange, you should all feel proud.. Good luck...
  11. Great turn out, great posts.. I'm glad I'm not a judge... Sorry for putting one in twice, I wanted to edit it but that function was not available and I know how strict the judges are... You can delete the other one, please..
  12. ((Bajor - Dahkur Province – Town Square)) Looking down the line at his resistance cell Lah’rel felt a great sense of pride and honour as he looked at his friends with a slight smile on his face.. Tobin the scout, Meaco and Dunna the assault team, Anara the medic and himself, the teams technician come sharp shooter.. They were about to be hailed as hero’s by their kinsfolk for their valour during the occupation.. The Dahkur Province had been hit hard by the invading Cardassians who were rounding up thousands of civilians destined for the famous Galitep Labour camp… It became one of the horro
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