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  1. ((Wheeler Colony)) ::Darius chatted for a few minutes with several individuals who had met with him after arriving with his team. Clack couldn't help but notice the beauty of the courtyard that surrounded the path that his small group walked. Beautiful green trees and exotic flowers grew along side the marble walkway. A water fountain marked the end of a circular path as it stood in a citadel type position.:: Jennings: We are so happy that you have arrived. Clack: Thank you. ::Darius reached down to touch a beautiful yellowish green flower. As he touched it, he felt his body shiver with cold c
  2. ((Capital)) Reed: Gentlemen, I'm Commander Reed. This is Lieutenant Long. Long: Greetings. Blue eyed man: Minister Debbie O'riley and Marshal Shaun Wood will be here shortly, they had last minute matters to attend to. Reed: We're running on a very tight schedule. I hope it will not be long. ::Reed used the time to survey the room and the four men. They were obviously members of O'riley's staff, but she'd never seen anything quite so odd. Three of the four had quite visible scars. Two of them had those scars on shaking left hands. She certainly hoped they were right handed. It was too much of a
  3. ((Clack's Quarter's)) ::Darius rested comfortably in his good chair amidst the smokey dark room. It was the first time he had visited his quarters since the ship return from its accidental plunge through space. With his eyes shut, he listen to the sound of the ship's engines as they sang their lullaby for all that could hear and comprehend its language. He heard several crewmen as they make their way out of the turbolift situated at the end of the corridor. Two of them sounded to be in the middle of an argument concerning something that occurred during dinner.:: Chen: =/\= Chen to Lt. Clack. =
  4. Destined for Failure One of the things I like about Destined for Failure is it is a complete story with a definite plot. The character of Georgia is fairly well developed, and it is interesting that she is not well liked person. Her toughness makes for a good read, and I wish there was a bit more character to character interaction to draw out this unsympathetic character more. There are a few points in the story where I find it hard to suspend disbelief all centered around Georgia’s situation. Having done hiking/hunting and worked with an organized wilderness group, going off alone and being
  5. Sugar, Spice, Grit and Steel Complete story or is it a literary poem? Nice daring form. Masterful use of language. Breaks down at the end when the Women speaks. She is almost set up as an angle, while the Man is a more vulgar creature. It would have been more effective without the women speaking. The death she delivered should be as beautiful as her peace.
  6. Morning Light - Some very traditional images are arranged in to a nice emotional story. You get a lot done in a short amount of time. It almost feels like the last chapter to a longer story. Nicely done. There may be only one off note. For some reason the last bit feels a bit creepy to me to me like the father is transferring a bit to much emotion and dependency to the daughter. This could just be me though.
  7. What are little Girls Made Of by Mike Wheeler It is a good read with a solid plot. There is not much detail on character history. At the beginning this makes the Mike Wheeler character seem to be more of an Andriod than the actual android. He seems to have better than average reflexes and no fear. By the end of the story he seems much more human. As a commentor I suggest that Wheeler is shown to be more human at the beginning. Make him afraid, or show some of his new life with the rebels. (More Back Story) Give him a reason to live. You could also more overtly tie his amnesia to her conditioni
  8. Another Riker. We rule. Um . . . I supose that would be the self centered part coming out.
  9. Will Riker 65% James T. Kirk (Captain) 60% At times you are self-centered but you have many friends. You love many women, but the right woman could get you to settle down Hmmm . . . This is a bit scary. But considering how long I've worked with Wolf it makes sense. No calling me number one though.
  10. Hi all, I think the real key is the writing. Fire Fly worked not because it was gritty, but because the writers took us some place different and showed us a new world, while at the same time give fantastic characterization. The Fire Fly movies was very good, but it felt a bit watered down because the characterization wasn't as uncomprimising; the use of language not as lyrical. I'm watching Far Scape season one right now and am finding the same thing. The writing and ideas are fantastic. What Star Trek has really lacked is good story tellers. They did dark on DS9 and a bit on Voyager. It w
  11. I agree that Enterprise did not destroy Star Trek. It seems each show has a following of those who liked. Voyager for instance is my least liked Star Trek spin off. Janeway should have been locked in a small room for the insane. Having said that . . . I know people who love Voyager. As to the movie, I think a good skript with good actors are more important than a certain age. I was very young when I watched ST in re runs. We still had a black and white TV so I didn't even know ST was a color show. I watched it first thing after school not caring that there wasn't a 8 or 9 year old on the show
  12. Strikes me that UFOP has four distinct features. 1) Star Trek 2) Role Playing 3) Writing 4) Community The people I've met in the club seem to be attracted to all these features to some degree. If Star Trek online could offer all three it we would have to compette against it. I suspect however that it is really about war gaming and does not have much for writing.
  13. By pure chance I happened to watch the episode at 11:00 PM. I liked it. My impression though is that the episode wasn’t about ENT, as much as it was about tying ENT firmly into the Star Trek universe. By linking it the STNG, they re write the future to include Archer, putting him in the same category as Pike, Kirk, and Cochran as a legendary founder of the Federation. The future is re written to include that crew. Trio had to memorize the speech as a child on Betazoid. Was this episode aimed at all the doubting Star Trek fans? Like Wolf I really liked the ending with all the shots of Enterp
  14. The Federation defeated the Domion and their allies. The best the Federtion has ever done is destroy a single cube. (Not counting Voyager where they had help from the future. ) If the Federation can defeat the Domion, then the Borg could pretty easily. Hollis
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