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  1. Bringing back a TV bad-guy has never been done since, but I think that whoever made the decision to drop Chekov on Ceti Alpha V was a genius. And it worked out so well, so tie the movies to the series, and to give us the best bad-guy ever. And they were even his own pecs! How awesome is that?
  2. I think we're still a little ways from cell-phones the size of comm-badges, but I don't think they're far off. It would be really cool, though...
  3. If it wasn't horribly illegal, I could burn you both copies... I purchased mine at MediaPlay/Sam Goody. It's also on Amazon.com. Hope that helps.
  4. There is under the 2nd link, but no real action shots. :'-(
  5. It's true! It's going to be a Star Trek Communicator phone, of the old "flip top" type. But I don't even think Kirk's communicator was quite this cool... http://www.sonamobile.com/themephones/ http://www.sonamobile.com/themephones/main.asp So, who's going to preorder one? And what's the number for SB118?
  6. I calculate the answer to be around 3 femto seconds. And Glenn Close would make a good Harry Potter professor. So, anyway, there's this new movie coming out about Star Trek...
  7. Well, on our ship it's had two effects. One, people so liked the "evil-Fox" that there's now two more chapters so I could write "anti-" characters for other people. That was fun. Two, I think the Morningstar may be doing a mirror universe mission once we get our current mission sorted out. So, I think over all it was a great success. I had fun with it anyway. And I think that the concept of the plot will live on after the concept is over. I give it a 8.7 out of 10. Just to be difficult!
  8. I think that one thing that Trek has going for it is the utopian vision of the furuture. You look at a lot of other versions of the future, and it's all dark. Humanity is usually the scum of the galaxay, on the run, under attack, double dealing, desperation. It's all bad. Trek is one of few (the only?) version of the future that's positive, and I think it's because of the idea that we can, if we choose, learn from the past to build a better future. I will admit that the idea of seeing some of the steps of getting from here to there would be nice, but it needs to done well. And I am losin
  9. Yeah, Kwame, I read the books. And the sims. And the fan literature. That was the joke.
  10. Gee, it's too bad there aren;t people working to write good STar Trek stories out there somewhere. Too bad that no one but Paramount spends any time exploring and developing the universe that Rodenberry created. Too bad that whole collectives of people don;t pool their ideas to come up with new, cool stuff. Oh, wait...they do.
  11. In a news article dated August 29, originally found here: http://filmforce.ign.com/articles/646/646065p1.html They're discussing the next Star Trek film. Based on my previous experiences with news articles on the forum, I'm pasting it here: ------------------------------------------------------------ August 29, 2005 - Erik Jendresen, co-writer of the Band of Brothers miniseries, has turned in a script to Paramount for the next Star Trek feature film. According to Dreamwatch magazine and Trekweb, the movie is tentatively titled Star Trek: The Beginning; rather a bland title, but that could cha
  12. Plus, as a pro (and con) we're not limited to what a computer can render. Sometimes it leads to the USS Make-Stuff-Up, but I think in general that freedom is a good thing. And we're all control freaks, anyway. We'd all get bored of not being able to be in charge of things, even if only our characters. Here you're free to try anything, they're you're dealing with a lot of rules. Give me freedom, or give me a $60 box and a $25 monthly fee!
  13. I've seen this, and it might be cool, but I see a number of reasons that SB118 will live on... One, everyone here has 60 terabyte drives and video cards capable of rendering millions of frames a second in stunning color and realistic physics with sound cards currently untouched by THX, Dolby or Creative Labs...it's called a brain. No limits baby... Two, I've talked to Wolf about how much money the UFoP takes in from its players. We're all cheapskates... (Hint: Go Here!) Three, can they possibly compete with the level of plot and player involvement that we do? Fear not, I think SB118 will sur
  14. (As a note, I had no intention of writing in this contest until Al (Jonathan Fox) and I started discussing it in relation to our current mission. We had enough fun discussing it, that I figure I’ll try and come up with a story…) It had been a lousy shift. How he’d been assigned to the stupid midnight shift with a dog was entirely beyond him. Not that he’d ever really wanted to be on the warship in the first place. The USS Morningstar, stuck patrolling the edges of Imperial Space, armed to the hilt. Morningstar was right, mess with this ship and get your face smashed out the back of your head…
  15. Here's a totally awesome scree-saver, free for Windows and Mac, from the wonderful little man at mewho.com. There's only one link on his site, and it's for this, so I think I'll just paste the URL and let you judge for yourself! http://www.mewho.com System47 is great! Post your thoughts here!
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