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  1. ((Holodeck 2; U.S.S. Darwin-A)) ::The holodeck doors opened with their customary drone, admitting one red-haired offered through. Kaitlyn stepped several paces in as the door droned shut behind her. She allowed the end of her training staff to slide to the floor, maintaining a loose grip on it.:: Falcon: Computer, activate program Kaitlyn Spar 1. Computer: Acknowledged. ::The room around Kaitlyn shimmered, floor replaced with a hard white surface as the room faded into darkness all around her. A spotlight illuminated the center of the room, a black ring marking the floor. A similar light
  2. (( Command Center: Kjenta II )) ESKYYS: You want to do this? :: Reaching up to his collar he removed the pips and held them in his hand for a moment. Looking at Tyr he dropped them to the floor. :: You do it without me. I quit. ::Tyr looked down where the pips had fallen, mixing in with the gore and blood from the battle. Esk quietly stared at the top of his head and said nothing more. He returned his eyes, dull and unsympathetic, to the Hallian.:: WALTAS::Flatly:: Fine. Then get out of the way. You’re relieved of duty. ESKYYS: oO Again Oo :: Esk walked away quietly as Tyr ordered the transpo
  3. ((The Eagle’s Roost, USS Discovery-C)) ::Fearing the worst for the away team, and specifically, the first officer, Emerson had sought the solace of spirits and a sympathetic (pointy) ear.:: CRUELLA: Your day will get worse. You have already guaranteed yourself that much. I think in a minute you may be glad to have avoided physical violence. RAVENSCROFT: Nah, ::waving his hand arrogantly:: I doubt it. I need the violence right about now. ::He stared longingly into the empty glass as if it were an eye of a lover.:: I need the distraction. ::Someone howled on the other side of the bar. Emerson lo
  4. ((Security Office, USS Discovery)) ::He had spent the time from releasing the monks into Westerbridge's custody until now organizing Security details and reforming the patrols to protect the critical areas of the ship. Still humiliated at his failure and his complicity earlier, the Gorn was silent and morose throughout the process, despite Daisha's attempts to cheer him up or to comfort him. He snapped orders out of his massive maw and his tone left no room for debate. For the Gorn, friendship was everything. His friendship with Tyr and the subsequent loyalty that friendship provided had been
  5. ((Cargo Bay 1, USS Discovery-C)) ::The cargo bay door was brought down in a fiery show of phaser beams and smoke. Brother Ishtahr turned around swiftly, his eyes filled with venomous rage. Security officers moved silently inside, securing the cargo bay, making the monks restless. All except Ishtahr, who maintained a posture and expression carved from stone.:: WALTAS: ::walking up to the monk:: Brother Ishtahr, so good to see you again. ISHTAHR: ::voice cold as ice:: Salutations, Captain Waltas. ::He did not bow this time.:: ::Rather, he closed his eyes and raised his arms and head heavenw
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